There’s just something about the number 7. For all of us at Top Trail it’s significant because we celebrate the 7th year of serving the trail rider in 2020. For 7 years, we have become “the” program for equestrians who value tracking and logging trail rides. Think Strava for Trail Riders. So, let’s kick off the year with 7 Reasons you should join us in 2020:

1 Ride Logging

Top Trail’s Lifetime Mileage program — a handy way to keep your ride data in one place AND be recognized along the way when milestones are reached. We measure growth in partnership, experience, skills development, fitness, and horsemanship with every mile. Long time member April Walk tell us “I love knowing how many miles I ride each month and year.” And Jane Parker states, “… love keeping track of what “WE” have done!” 

The purpose & mission of Top Trail is to build a community of equestrians who are passionate about life on the trail, celebrating and recognizing our equine partners, as well as helping and encouraging each other’s growth in horsemanship. Top Trail recognizes equines and their riders for being on the trail regardless of the purpose: pleasure, conditioning, and competition.

2 Community and Motivation 

Top Trail’s private Facebook group is where we share our ride adventures. We share all the fun, beauty, lessons learned, and of course, the miles. We assist each other with technical and program questions. We are an encouraging, supportive, and positive group. Countless new friendships have formed over the years. Robin Morris states, “I have been a member of Top Trail for several years, and honestly ~ I love this community! It is rare to find a forum that is drama-free, where members support and openly care about and get to know one another.” And member K’Lee Ollom shares, “I love that the group is available & members are so supportive.” 

Enroll today and start logging rides now.

3 Goal Setting 

Our goal setting tool can give you a sense of direction and purpose as you go through the year. Like Chelsea Kiter says, “It’s fun to set your mileage goals and see how far along you have come with your 4 legged best friend!” Often times we get close to meeting goals, sometimes we exceed them, and sometimes we just have to throw them out the window so to speak when life throws those curve balls. But, no matter what happens, it’s a good exercise to think about your goals for the coming year and use the tool to follow your progress. Doing this will help you to establish a riding plan and stay the course. 

4 Challenges 

Who wouldn’t love to compete without the expense of all that goes with it? If you agree, Top Trail Challenges are for you then. Simply upload your tracks (according to the rules of course) and compete on your own terms. In 2020 there are 5 Divisions (based on previous annual mileage— new members start in the lowest mileage division) with the top three riders recognized in each division of each quarter with Top Trail branded items or sponsor donated products. Like Jill Morrison says, Top Trail is “for riders that enjoy trail riding on their own terms. This is an opportunity to submit the miles … maybe win something for your efforts.” Win or not, it’s fun to see where you rank on your division leaderboard among your riding peers. 

Enroll today and start logging rides now.

5 Affiliate Groups

Each affiliate group has its own criteria to join and features a one year leaderboard. In 2020 the following affiliate groups will be active:

All groups offer a variety of year end awards for the top riders so we encourage you to get involved with at least one affiliate group when you join. Cathy Olson from Idaho tells us, “… one thing I am really happy with is Top Trail’s partnership with MFTHBA so my MFT’s miles become a permanent part of their record.” 

6 Support 

We want your experience with Top Trail to be enjoyable. We understand that not everyone comes to us with the same level of tech savvy. New members are encouraged to reach out for assistance at any point of interaction. Some members need a little help a little, some a lot, some require no help at all. But rest assured, we’re here for you when and if you need us. Donna Hines, new member last year, shares, “This is a very active and supportive group with leadership that is involved and connected. This program is a simple way to track mileage for yourself and your horse(s)….you will find this program to be an effortless way to help you track and reach them.” We couldn’t have said it better!

Enroll today and start logging rides now.

7 Affordable Fun 

For only $40, you become a premium member of Top Trail for one year from the time of enrollment. If you can do without the patches and milestone certificates which are physical products we mail to you, you can join us for $25 with the “basic” membership. Or, if you’re not ready to commit for one year, feel free to try the website program for 90 days for only $10. 

You’re probably already recording your tracks so take the next logical step and start uploading them with us today. It’s fun, it’s enjoyable, it’s worthwhile, it’s affordable, it’s motivating, and it’s for equestrians who appreciate being on the trail with their favorite equine.

Email Troy Lynn ( for more information about Top Trail ( today.


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