Double Trouble

RankTeam NameMembersChallenge Miles *Rides
1Ozark Mountain RidersDavid Giardina and Toni Giardina1029.13109
2Franklin FriendsBeki McCall and Tammy Stingone917.78102
3Homeschool HerdScout and Michelle Murphy874.91104
4Montana Ridge RidersRobin Morris and Lynn Stutzman872.7568
5Trail Slayer & BlazerRobin Martensen and Jerry Brandon savage871.7792
6Nerds on PoniesHelen and Hannah Clark848.35137
7Team Hancock Dan Hancock and Michelle Hancock789.1782
8Chip N DaleMargie J and Larry Johnson723.2486
9Rock and TrotTerri Johnson and Shannon Chastain688.2380
10Dos Locos RidersTina Buirch and Nicole Hancock623.5361
11Carolina RidersJudy Simpson and Jill Morrison601.8563
12Black&WhiteJulia Hoyt and Kerri Ross-Walther590.5398
13Fox Trot OnAllen Smith and Claire Clevenger575.696
14Riding RN'sSheila Carroll and Mary Verzwyvelt574.5781
15Enjoying the JourneyDeirdre Perot and Jackie Peterson529.6670
16Scoot Boot AdventuresKaren Cox and Sheri Thompson520.0256
17Ready, Steady, Ride Jenn Stack and Rebekka Ortega517.2970
18Saddle TrampsMarsha Jensen and Julie Pershing515.0163
19SkrewballzAngella Sherman and Lorraine Gee477.3155
20Trail PosseRobin Stepanek and Lanelle White-Newton448.0269
21Swimming DivasGena MIller and Rebekah Dupuch436.177
22Longer GoneMargot Slater and Kristy Mosher432.6253
23Minda and ZakryMinda Daniels and Zakry Daniels420.6840
24Tini and Pepe Awesome Adventures Hope White and Sue Maiwald392.9762
25Deuces Wild CowgirlsMarillyn Ivan Day and Pebbles Rigsby371.8478
26Mean girls lolLisa Henson and Lindsay Buck370.3169
27Faith RidersStacy Pratt and Lisa Bialy323.2346
28Basin BeautiesBonnie C Cooley and Carole Schuh320.5346
29Girls of the GroveDee Daniels and Tracy Mitchell303.1447
30Two Shades of GreyBridget Hayes and Susie Cranney278.8171
312 Gals - 2 PalsCarol Mason and Carole Sharp277.3331
32The Badonkadonks Jennifer Peterson and Crystal molocea269.6736
33Otto cowgirlsPeggy Brown and Diana Haggard211.623
34We're not lost!Cathy Olson and Randy Olson208.1132
35Wandering WestbysHeather Westby and Sam Westby157.0844
36Living the DreamWayne Goodman and Donna Goodman146.0814
37War PoniesKimberly Ellis and Timothy Marten113.6443
38Trail BlistersLauren Horne and Carol L Horne105.1423
39Corn StarsLiz Heitshusen and Cecilia Hagen10225
40BuckaroosHarrison Westby and Olivia Westby97.6923
41Cowgirls & ChariotsChelsea Kiter and Patricia Ann95.5911
424 The RideJessica Vallery and Tammy Vasa95.3819
43KyTrailGaitersDonna Hines and Jena Peek82.137
44Team Chasin' the SunsetDawn E. Hagen and Eva Smith71.096
45The Country CruisersPatty Walter and Marilyn Clevenger56.168
46RAW RidersAdrienne Willett and Robert Willett45.977
47Ride or Die!D'Anna Miller and Maggie Bradshaw39.645
48HOT 2 TROTCindy and Lee Fonken15.382
49TNT aka Top Notch TeamBrit Bergez and Janis Elder00

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