I don’t know about you but my email inbox and social media feed is filled with event cancellation and postponement notices… It’s a sad but necessary step we must take to #flattenthecurve of the coronavirus pandemic we’re all facing right now.

Our email inboxes and social media feeds are filled with notices of event cancellations and postponements… It’s a sad and disappointing but necessary step we must take to #flattenthecurve of the worldwide medical crisis we’re all facing right now.

Courage says, “use the code RIDEITOUT for your one year Top Trail member discount.”

In light of this, perhaps now we can do some things we’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the luxury of time. Trail riding can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend part of your day and can strengthen the bond you have with your equine trail partner. And here’s a bonus — it gets you away from all the bad news for a little while.

We encourage you to saddle up, hit the trail, get some fresh air & exercise, and enjoy the outdoors — all the while being social distancing compliant. That’s what I’m planning to do once the rain stops! Keep in mind, now is a good time to stick to those easy trails and ride them conservatively, on a seasoned trail horse—you get extra credit and kudos if you’re wearing a helmet.

I’ve decided to make the most of this extra time — spending it free of pressure with my horses just hanging out and on the trail adding to our lifetime Top Trail mile totals (we have goals!). What about you? Are you seeing a silver lining in all this that includes your equine? Hope so!

So, In light of what is currently happening in our world, we’re offering some membership subscription specials (see below). Because even though we’re currently keeping a distance in a physical sense, Top Trail brings us together as a virtual trail riding community. As a member you get to see new and old friends upload and share their trails, check the live challenge leaderboards, join an affiliate group or two, watch your mileage add up each time you upload tracks, share your ride stories, and be inspired to get out there and ride.

Join today, start logging your trails and enjoy a little virtual competition—we’re offering a discount code: RIDEITOUT for $5 off one year Premium and Basic memberships effective through April 29, 2020.*

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Current Membership Subscription Specials:

  • $5 off Premium or Basic Membership Subscription* (one year) using the discount code: RIDEITOUT when checking out. Complete enrollment through the checkout process and use the code to receive the special rate. 
  • Free 30 Day Basic Membership Trial: Simply enroll and activate but do not check out. We will activate your 30 day membership within 24 hours and will let you know when it’s ready via email then you can start logging. 

Both specials require that you enroll yourself by clicking the “Sign Up” or “Join Today” button on the Top Trail website ( Offers expire April 30, 2020.

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*90 day trial memberships are not included in this offer.


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