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* 1 Year Premium Membership $41.95 (quantities limited)

* 1 Year Basic Membership $26.41

* 1 Year Youth Memberships (15 and under with a Premium or Basic Adult/Parent) now $16.05 

* Or, try for 90-days for $10.87 — this includes access to challenges, ride logs for you and your equines, and more.


Lifetime Mileage

Every ride (1+ mile) counts when you record & post your ride tracks using any GPS app or device exporting .GPX files.


Community * Connect * Motivate

We are equestrians who value our equine partners, and enjoy getting out on the trail and working on our skills.



Ride and compete with other equestrians from all over the world on your own terms!


Breed and Social Groups

Breed Association and Social Affiliate Groups for added fun, fellowship, and challenge.