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You have options when you join Top Trail

* 1 Year Premium Membership $40

* 1 Year Basic Membership $25

* HTCAA Members 1 Year Premium $35 (HTCAA discount code)

* Or, try for 90-days for $10 — this includes access to challenges, ride logs for you and your equines, Top Trail Forums, and more (HTCAA discount not applicable).


Lifetime Mileage

Every mile counts when you record & log your ride using any GPS app or device that will export .GPX files.


Community * Connect * Motivate

We are equestrians who value our equines, and enjoy experiencing the outdoor trail with our friends.



Trail Ride and win when you compete with members & their horses across the U.S. on your own terms!


Breed and Social Groups

Breed Association and Social Affiliate Groups