Here’s a timely GPS App tip for trail riding!

I personally have never experienced any issues with EasyTrails. But… I see that some of you are losing miles, getting wonked-out tracks, etc…. so thought I’d share what I have been doing lately in terms of recording and posting my ride tracks — maybe it will be useful. At least it’s another option.

Basically, you’re recording your track with Gaia, then copying it to EasyTrails and from EasyTrails you upload it Top Trail. It’s just a few extra taps.

Long time Top Trail member Cathy Olson alerted me to the Gaia GPS app and I absolutely LOVE it. It has great maps and stats viewable on the app and on the desktop so when I found out that it can work in conjunction with EasyTrails in terms of uploading to Top Trail, I’ve been a happy camper.

Start Logging your Ride Tracks with Top Trail Today

First, you need to get yourself the Gaia (GPS) app. I use the free version and it seems to be enough for what I do. Gaia offers three levels of membership — check them out here.

The app is simple to operate. I advise you to investigate how to record with the app and get comfortable with it before you fire it up on a real ride. If you’re new to GPS apps & recording tracks, or just want a refresher: start here.

So, after I’ve recorded my ride track, here’s how I send it over to EasyTrails:

Select the ride track you want to export then tap “Share”

Tap “GPX”

Tap “Export File”

Tap the EasyTrails icon (note: you may need to scroll over to the right to find EasyTrails. Mine is easily seen because I use it a lot.)

This imports the track to your EasyTrails app.

From here you can upload your track to Top Trail as usual. I have noticed a small increase in mileage with each step. It may not be much but at least it’s not a reduction in mileage! Click here for EasyTrails instructions: iPhone or Android.

Happy Trails! If you should have questions, please get in touch with me via email: If you have comments, please leave them below.


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  1. Thanks for creating this – I have been running both Easy Trails and Gaia to save my maps (find that easier to do with Gaia) but to upload my miles with EasyTrails. Great information. I hope to be back in the saddle soon.

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