EasyTrails is an easy to use GPS app for the iPhone that allows your to record your trails and upload them directly to your Top Trail account. This eliminates several steps in the process of getting tracks from your device to your account.

1. Open EasyTrails and touch the red square in the top right when you have a GPS signal. Now you are recording your track. Ride!

This is your dashboard screen when you first turn on the app.
This is how your dashboard should appear when it is recording, note that the time should be running. Now run the app in the background and disable your screen before stowing it for the ride.

2. At the conclusion of the ride, tap the gray record button (top right) to stop recording. This will “Save” your track.

3. Tap the “Name” line & using the keypad you can rename your track then tap “Save” (or you can use the default Track Name — e.g. “Track #”)

This is the “Save Track” screen. You can rename it or keep the default.

4. Tap the paw symbol at the bottom of the screen then tap the track to be uploaded to your Top Trail account.

Tapping the Paw icon at the bottom will bring you to your track list. Select the track to upload by tapping it.

5. Tap the “send” symbol at the top of the screen to begin export (next to the name of the track)

6. Select “Export”

7. Scroll dow and tap “Export to”

8. The first time you export you will type in your Top Trail Horse login information (email and password). After the first time, your logon information will be stored in the app.

The steps above will send the track to your Top Trail Horse account. 
IMPORTANT final steps: 
LOG INTO YOUR TOP TRAIL ACCOUNT ( on your phone or computer browser.
Under the “My Top Trail” menu pull down and select “Ride Logs”
Select the ride you just uploaded and designate the equine ridden for this track so that your equine also gets credit for the mileage.


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