[Feature Photo: Lisa Jamison]

Thought we’d highlight the top 10 riders of 2021. They have all posted some very impressive mileage for one year. A couple riders spread their miles & rides out among several equines, a couple partnered up with one equine, and everyone else was somewhere in the middle. Nonetheless, they saddled up a lot and took the very best of care of their high mileage partners throughout the year.

Lisa Jamison

Challenge Mileage total are audited according to Top Trail Challenge rules:

RankRiderChallenge Miles# of RidesEquines
1Lisa Jamison2780.48459Chica, Dragon, Jo, Jasper, Mazey,
2Robin Martensen2455.87229CC’s Blaze N Boots “Lena”,
CC’s Touch of Smoke “Jo”
3Mary Smith2054.84187Missouri Mojo
4Robin Morris2045.14140Beau (Mule)
5Kaitlyn Baker1681.17260Valentia, Emmi Lou, Tesora, Valorie,
Santiago, Tess, Luminosa, Zalina,
Novena, Mula, Isabella
6Melissa Dewitt1624.6146Mustard, Casey
7Tina Buirch1621.44131Tank, Simey, Senor Atlas, Jiminy
8Judi Sartell1551.85299Junebug, Goldencash, Blackjack
9Heidi Smith1530.24292Wilgo, Itaalic, GHA Khemos Star, Secret Liaison
10Alexandria Hopkins1506.12347Gunnin For Charlie, Scoring A Touchdown,
Tucker, Infinite Jazz, Hatcher, Rosie, Charlie,
Izzy, Intimidator’s Grand Finale, Siggi,
Don’t Touch My Aspen, Stormy Scott,
Score’s Blue Diamond, Gunner, Buddy, Bravo,
Ashur, Bo, Cha Cha, Diesel, Libby, Reba, Bo,
Pearl, Dolly, Dixie, Pilgrim, Otis, Dodge,
Pusher’s Candy Cane, Jazz Man, Charlie Brown,
Nick, Rex, Chief, Elvis, GK
There were 360 total riders participating in 2021 Top Trail Rider Challenges.

It’s interesting to note that everyone in the top 10 is female. They were born with that special “H” gene for sure!

They are a mix of trainers, endurance riders, pleasure riders and they work work full time, part time or are retired. So it really doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if riding is your passion, you will make it a priority.

Melissa Dewitt & friend [photo by Angella Sherman]

Likewise, if you’re passionate about taking great care of your equine partner, that will make your rides even more gratifying, knowing that you’re both enjoying the ride.

Congratulations ladies! You inspire us all to “get out & ride” more in 2022!

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  1. Way to go ladies! Took me 3 years to make over 1000 miles, don’t know where you find the time. Impressive.

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