On February 1, we will begin organizing, analyzing, and preparing 2021 Mileage Certificates for our 2021 Premium members who you receive two official certificates: 1 for the rider and 1 for the equine on each account with the most miles in 2021.

If you were a Premium Top Trail member in 2021 (December 2020 through December 2021), please:

  1. ASAP — log into your Top Trail account and check your “Ride Logs” for any tracks that do not have an equine assigned. Add the equine name to the track if it’s important that your equines get credit for their 2021 miles.
  2. IF you would like to purchase additional Mileage Certificates for more of your horses, please send an email with the name of the equine no later than January 31 to Additional certificates are $5 each.
  3. If any of your equines are named with their barn name and registered name, please choose one or the other and edit the name accordingly (My TopTrail > My Horses > Edit Horse > (edit name and SAVE CHANGES).
  4. While we’re doing a little housekeeping, keep in mind that the name on your account is the name that will be on your Mileage Certificate. So, if your account name is “MeAndBobbieMcGee” or your first name only—that is what is going to print on your 2021 Mileage Certificate. If you don’t want that, please update your name. (My Top Trail > My Top Trail Profile > Profile > Edit > (edit your name) > Save Changes).

Included in the Annual Mileage Certificates mailing, you will also receive, if applicable, your renewal sticker, TT wristlet (keep or share with a friend), and any Milestone Rocker patches you may have earned in 2021. So be sure to check the envelope carefully before pitching it!

These packages should ship late February. Thank you for your patience.


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  1. THANK YOU, Troy for all you do and whomever else helps in this onerous task!! ❤️

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