[Division winner Pamela Reband is pictured]

Pleasure Division is for riders who usually ride up 150 miles each year. Note that if you were a “Pleasure Division” rider previously and have exceeded the division mileage already this year, you have been moved up to the next appropriate division. Another reason for an upward division move is winning your division! See who moved up.

Congratulations to all our Pleasure Division Top Trail Riders! We’re proud of you! Be sure to share this post showing how you did with your friends on social media. That is the best way to help Top Trail stay online.

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Here are the audited results:

1137pamela reband67.14
266Kileen Gaddis66.97
3176Tami Wilson41.92
4181Pamela Gebauer40.02
5160Cecilia Hagen31.81
6199Rebecca Tinsley30.97
7196Angela Abeyta28.86
8226Lisa Holdren19.72
9241Tina Fisher15.68
10245Harrison Westby14.37

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11251Patricia Gifford12.15
12239Tina Coker Hammonds11.9
13272Robbin Watson5.87
14277Rhonda Levinson4.19
15278Molly Aggar4.17
16285Erin Taylor2.37
17287Diana Buzek2.1
18289K’Lee Ollom1.74
19293Jill Shasteen1.31

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