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At the end of each quarter we adjust TTR Challenge Divisions. Depending on a member’s mileage totals at the end of each quarter a member may be promoted a division, or two…

A Top Trail Rider will also be moved up after they win their division.

If you’ve been moved up — congratulations — you’re in very good company!

See the table below to see who is being promoted 2Q22 effective 4/6/22.


If you believe there is an error, please let us know via email.

Rider NameNew DivisionPrevious Division
Bliss meisnerCOMPETITORExplorer
Gayle MuenchCOMPETITORGreenhorn
Elaine ShererCOMPETITORGreenhorn
Susan DentEXPLORERGreenhorn
laura peckEXPLORERGreenhorn
Robbyn SumnerEXPLORERBlazer
Alanna PriceBLAZERGreenhorn
Frances WechslerBLAZERGreenhorn
Kendra HutchinsonBLAZERGreenhorn
Kim LittleBLAZERGreenhorn
Kristina BrownBLAZERGreenhorn
Catherine PetersonBLAZERGreenhorn
Teri ShaathBLAZERGreenhorn
Amelia AdairBLAZERGreenhorn
Terre RedmonBLAZERGreenhorn
Jennifer WolfBLAZERGreenhorn
Mary CollinsBLAZERGreenhorn
Kileen GaddisBLAZERPleasure
Gaia WhitePLEASUREGreenhorn
Alice PerrymanPLEASUREGreenhorn
Kim FazzinoPLEASUREGreenhorn
Nichole HillPLEASUREGreenhorn
Joyce DriggersPLEASUREGreenhorn
Patty LucasPLEASUREGreenhorn
Dianna ChapekPLEASUREGreenhorn
Jeanine WolfPLEASUREGreenhorn
Emily HoffmanPLEASUREGreenhorn
Leslie MalonePLEASUREGreenhorn
Fran MuenchPLEASUREGreenhorn
Kimberly MurphyPLEASUREGreenhorn
Saskia ColePLEASUREGreenhorn
Rebecca VessPLEASUREGreenhorn
Bill WinglePLEASUREGreenhorn
Barbara TaylorPLEASUREGreenhorn
Val HarrisPLEASUREGreenhorn
Katie LeePLEASUREGreenhorn
Nancy SchulzePLEASUREGreenhorn
Robyn TaliaferroPLEASUREGreenhorn
Suzanne BradyPLEASUREGreenhorn
Missy LutzkaninPLEASUREGreenhorn
Krissy ColbathPLEASUREGreenhorn
janece nissenPLEASUREGreenhorn
Laura SmithPLEASUREGreenhorn
Beth ParkerPLEASUREGreenhorn
Kim MundayPLEASUREGreenhorn
Jeanne MatherPLEASUREGreenhorn
Alan KingPLEASUREGreenhorn
Mary WilliamsPLEASUREGreenhorn
Susan TraversPLEASUREGreenhorn
Jessie KileenPLEASUREGreenhorn
Lori WickesPLEASUREGreenhorn
Stephanie ClemensonPLEASUREGreenhorn
Alisha GravesPLEASUREGreenhorn
Arlene MohebbiPLEASUREGreenhorn
Cindy HoncoopPLEASUREGreenhorn
Vicki LaLondePLEASUREGreenhorn
Trish OakleyPLEASUREGreenhorn
Brandie PaynePLEASUREGreenhorn
Marla StuckyPLEASUREGreenhorn
Kathy KellyPLEASUREGreenhorn
Marilyn MarstonPLEASUREGreenhorn
Amanda IbarraPLEASUREGreenhorn
Jennifer KingPLEASUREGreenhorn
nikki tomlinsonPLEASUREGreenhorn
Lucy Ann ButlerPLEASUREGreenhorn
Jan GrimmPLEASUREGreenhorn
Brittany PierpontPLEASUREGreenhorn
Olivia DescantPLEASUREGreenhorn

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