Top 3 Explorer Division Riders receive their sponsor awards from The Hay Pillow. Congratulations to all our Explorers — you all know how to GET OUT & RIDE!!

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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
12Robin Martensen634.86
25Doreen Thomasson548.31
36Jodi Myers547.34
411Allen Smith456.32
514Rosemary Carlson368.08
615Judy Simpson360.93
725Sheri T.294.49
826Margie J286.12
927Bliss Meisner281.8
1029Shari Stelzer267.19
Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
1130Michelle Murphy265.37
1334Carole Schuh254.15
1439Carol Mason248.84
1542Carole Sharp237.12
1646Sandy Phillips226.52
1749Raven Flores213.58
1851Sue Maiwald213.06
1959Sue N202.5
2063Larry Johnson198.57
2164Cathy Olson197.98
2266Crystal Molocea196.19
2367Rebecca Jones195.95
2468Randy Olson195.58
2571Annamaria Paul192.12
2677Kimberly Ellis180.2
2785Linda Krul169.31
2886Troy Lynn Norris166.31
2987Pam Nylund166.28
3095Kristie LaValley156.44
3197Jordan Kopras152.34
32104Cindi Rothrock141.78
33108Rose Stepanian133.88
34109Tammy Vasa132.59
35110Samantha Robertson131.14
36111Shannon Chastain129.92
37121Rainelle M110.85
38127Carolyn Attaway104.76
39128Rebbecca Hoover104.22
40130Michelle Huff99.9
41135Tina Goff93.43
42138Jakob Benson90.1
43139Samantha Kraker90
44140Lynn Stutzman89.29
45143Patricia Ann87.24
46146Maggie Bradshaw82.75
47154Calvin Voogt68.75
48169Eva S54.19
49172Laura H Hardesty47.62
50175Jasmine Ireland46.83
51177Jena Peek45.33
52179Adrienne Willett41.89
53185Robert Willett33.92
54189Dawn E. Hagen29.68
55195Cody Rickman15.7
56218Bayron Knight1.31

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