Top 3 Blazer Division Riders receive their award from sponsor partner Cutting Edge Performance. Congratulations to all our Blazer Division Top Trail Riders — you’re the best!

Cutting Edge Performance

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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
118Annetta Tinsman326.82
222Cathie Birmingham301.07
332Michaela S258.89
435Becki Krueger252.34
537Marleen Hession249.91
740Sam Gerhardt240.07
848Debby Gerhardt214.07
973Mallory Carpenter185.19
1078Heather Westby177.97

Ride it Out with Top Trail: Tanks & Tees for Summer Comfort & Style

Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
1182Patsy Frazier171.52
1283Darlene Batson171.43
1390Julie Pershing162.49
1491Tracy Phegley161.31
1592Jane Parker160.54
1693Debby Smith157.87
1898Kelly A Adams152.21
19100Jennifer Peterson147.59
20102Anna K Anglen145.14
21105Kim M McColman140.46
22106Kristy Moore135.97
23115Roseanne Whitesides125.4
24116Mary Licata124.13
25119Shara Llewellyn111.7
26122Donna Hines110.3
27124Sherry L Resecker108.08
28126Vicki Smith106.77
29132Moni Norton96.54
30133Jessica Vallery96.41
31134Chelsea Kiter93.72
32136Stacy Thompson93.28
33137Susan Harris93.25
34141Lauren Horne88.83
35142Jennifer Smith87.7
36144Maureen David87.2
37148Lori M Smith80.95
39156Liz Heitshusen68.15
40160Marianne Bailey65.14
41163Nicole Hancock58.7
42168Jim Sylivant56.29
43170Karri M Koelling47.92
44171Angela Abeyta47.77
45173Robert Thompson47.49
46174Melissa Paskert46.94
47184Beth Colla35.68
48186Gerry Elias33
49191Ann Myers Bosch27.49
50198Jerry Norris12.76
51200Julie Wise12.11
52207Meg Alston6.33

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