Top 3 Riders receive their award from sponsor partner SpecTACKular. Congratulations to all our Pleasure Division Top Trail Riders! You’re simply amazing!

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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
11Ron Michel651.1
212Heidi Smith421.41
317Stacy Pratt337.12
424Dawn Rowlen297.27
531Kristy Mosher261.08
641Cheryl Frederick238.3
844Jaidyn LaBorde230.35
945Valene Goggins227.98
1047Denise Cleckler220.62

Ride it Out with Top Trail: Tanks & Tees for Summer Comfort & Style

Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
1150Wayne Goodman213.58
1252Therese Duval212.79
1354Jodi LaBorde-Meyer209.56
1456Mark James203.69
1557Patty Walter203.35
1658Gena Miller202.86
1761Marsha J198.76
1870Donna Goodman192.47
1980Margaret Reynolds174.75
2081Linda Gentile171.59
2184Marilyn Clevenger171.37
2299Lisa Bialy147.64
23101Sue Feenstra145.45
24114Lora Gibson125.46
25118M Brewster117.07
26120Lisa Gideon111.36
27125Wanda Lusk107.22
29131Jymme Strander99.51
30145Pamela Gebauer86.9
31147Sam Westby82.5
32149Bronwyn Rininger79.73
33150Jill Shasteen78.68
34151Linda Fastabend77.2
35153Meaghan Zeiner70.85
36157Jen Joines68.02
37158Alex Braun67.81
38159Jodie Blaisure66.14
39164Heather Payne58.18
40165Cindy Dean57.74
41167Patti Potts56.35
42178Kris Dawson43.31
43180Cecilia Hagen39.9
46183Lael Feist37.32
47187Cindi Coffroth30.9
48188Clayton Dinwiddie30.83
49190Terri Pritchett29.17
50192Ronda Greenwood24.37
51193Margery Schafer22.13
52194Leslie H20
53196Julia Edwards-Dake15.67
54197Christina Meyer15.65
56201Janis Elder11.54
58203Greg Mullinax9.44
59204Diana Buzek7.84
60205pamela reband7.44
61206Kristen Willett6.88
62208Patty Black Moore5.22
63210Tamara Murphy5.11
64211Kathy Klenk4.85
65212Bob Brumley4.82
66213Brit Bergez4.43
67214Tom Lowrey2.52
68215Linda Macomber2.37
69216Patricia Gifford2.29
70217Bobby Pearson2.15
71219Cindi Patrick0.01

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  1. What a fabulous first 1/2 of the year! It was great chasing you Ron Michael… some point I realized work would get in the way of me giving you a real run for your money! Beware, I may just retire someday!

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