Hello! I am an authorized Hit-Air Equestrian Vest Dealer and can help you with all your Hit-Air vest needs …. AND as a long time fellow Top Trail member, I am excited to be able to offer you a great deal that will keep you much safer in the saddle and on the trail!

Get in touch with me via Kansas Hit Air Equestrian Vests Facebook page.

I encourage you to look up Hit-Air vests practically anywhere to see how wonderful they are. Also, You-tube has many videos of vests in action. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

I have worn a Hit-Air vest for about 5 years. I decided to get one BEFORE I got hurt, and it has “saved” me twice over the years. My riding is so much more at ease knowing that I have the vest and the chances of me getting hurt are diminished so much.

More Protection and More Fun for You
The Original (black vests) are $420, but if you want a color other than black, add $30. (I have the blue one, shown below.) I cannot lower the price on a vest. I can, however, “throw in” some accessories to sweeten the deal for Top Trail members.

About Hit Air Vest Accessories
I recommend getting 2 extra CO2 cartridges when you purchase a vest. The vest comes with one already installed. However, if you were to ever use that one, you’ll need another. And the postage to send one or two is about as much as purchasing a cartridge in the first place, unless you get it (them) with the vest, and then the postage is included.

The cartridges do not go “bad” so can be stored for years. The goal is to not need them anyway…cheap insurance, lol. (Ask Troy….she’s used a couple of cartridges….)

Also, if you have more than one saddle (and who doesn’t?), I recommend purchasing an additional lanyard for each saddle. Yes, you can move one to another saddle, but it’s a hassle. The retail price is $30 for an additional lanyard, and you’ll really appreciate not having to change it out each time.

Save a Little $$ and Ride Smart!
Some people are concerned about the “price” of these vests. Look at it this way. What would it cost you if you were in ER, or rehab for weeks? The loss of income could be substantial, not to mention the healing time. I’m 64 now. I do not want to break my back, neck, ribs, etc. These vests do not GUARANTEE nothing will break, but they give you a substantially better chance to not get hurt.

Take the price of the vest and divide it by your hourly wage. That made me feel much better when I first purchased a vest. $420 divided by my $15/hour wage = 28 hours. Was it worth 28 hours of working to substantially lower my risk of being hurt?? Yes, it was to me.

I have used the vest twice and have not been hurt twice. There have been other times when my horse acted up (because we got into ground bees) and as she was jumping around, my thought was “I have my vest, I have my vest.” I didn’t happen to come off that time, but I had the mental peace that if I did, I’d most likely be okay.

True Story —
A friend of mine was riding and stopped to talk to a neighbor on a lawnmower. The neighbor turned off the lawnmower while they talked. When the conversation was over, my friend started to ride away and her neighbor unthinkingly turned on the mower. My friend’s normally stable horse freaked out and threw her. Her vest deployed but she was still bruised around the ribs. Her doctor told her that had she not had the vest, she likely would have broken several ribs. Was the vest worth $420? We think so.

Helping Us Ride Safer is My Passion
I am doing this to get people to wear protective vests. I am absorbing the postage cost ($25-30, Fed Ex) so my actual “profit” is about $20. My goal is to help people get these vests because they are so great.

And the disclaimer: Equestrian sports are dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. A properly fitted air-vest may offer protection against some injury. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to insure the air-vest is correctly sized. The purchaser releases Kansas Hit-Air Equestrian Vests and/or Belinda Schuman from any and all responsibility or liability for any injury or death related to any product purchased from Kansas Hit-Air Equestrian Vests or Belinda Schuman.+

Happy Trails!


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  1. I am interested in a black vest and 2 extra cartridges. Can you help me with sizing.

    1. Great choice! When you’re ready to order, contact Belinda at this email:

  2. I’m following as I’m going to order one, too

    1. Wonderful Cindi! When you’re ready to order, contact Belinda at this email:

    2. Belinda Schuman

      Hi Cindi! I just sent you an email about the vests. Let me know if you’d like more information. Belinda

  3. Need to exchange my medium size Advantage vest for a small.

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