Hey, your equine(s) can get credit for their Top Trail miles just like you do but you have to enroll them first!

Since Top Trail is a website and not an app, it’s much easier to add your equine when logged into your account on a computer. You can add an equine from your phone but sometimes it can be a little glitchy. We have more luck using the Chrome browser on smart phones to log into Top Trail. Try it, and if you have trouble, get thee to a computer.

You will need a good photo of your equine on your computer or your phone, whichever device you are using to add your equine.

Log into your Top Trail account. Pull down the My Top Trail menu and select “Add Horse.”

This takes you to the “Add Horse” screen and immediately you are asked to “Choose File” which means, select a photo of your equine. So do that! Once you can see the photo of your equine, you can use the slider to adjust the size and position of the photo. When you have it where you want it click “Save Image” — then scroll on down and complete the rest of the enrollment items for your equine.

Now go ahead and complete the remaining enrollment items:
*Name (either registered name or barn name — NOT BOTH)
*Date of Birth
*Breed (type this in)
*Breed Registry — if your equine is grade or if the breed is not listed, don’t worry about this section
*Equine description — just tell us a little about your equine here

IMPORTANT — Click ADD HORSEand give it a few minutes if it doesn’t go through right away. Heck, go grab a cup of coffee and check back later. For some reason, this process takes a little time for some.

You’re finished! Got more equines? Great — add them!


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  1. How do you delete a horse if you mess up ?

    1. We’ll take care of that for you this sometime this month!

  2. I have the same problem. Somehow got the same horse in twice. I just retired the duplicates, hope that’s ok?

    1. Yes, retire the duplicates and at some point in the near future we will go through and delete them.

  3. Why is my ride not uploading?

  4. I messed up and added my mule twice. Can you take one out for me?

    1. I’ll add it to the list of duplicates. We will get it removed in the next month.

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