How to add your Profile photo. This is easiest performed on a computer. It can be accomplished logged into your account on your smartphone but it’s a little tricky. If you run into trouble, please email the photo you wish to use and we will upload it for you.

Log into your Top Trail account.
From the “My Top Trail” menu, pull down and select “My Top Trail Profile”

Select “Profile”

Select “Change Profile Photo”

You can either “Upload” a photo from your phone or computer, “Take Photo” with your phone or computer, or delete. Select whichever you prefer but keep in mind that the file must not be larger than 2 MB.

For demonstration purposes, we are going to upload a photo from the computer so the ‘Upload” tab is selected. Now Click “Select your file” and locate the file you wish to use.

The photo selected is too large for the space, so it will be cropped. Using the tabs on each corner of the cropping box, select the area you wish to be included in your profile photo.

When your profile photo is cropped to perfection scroll down and click “Crop Image”



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