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The Michigan Horse Council’s Statewide Trail Ride Challenge begins April 15 — This is the 3rd year for fun event open to Michigan Horse Council members who join Top Trail (see details below).

The rider with the most miles (subject to audit) at the conclusion of the ride challenge period will be showered with some amazing sponsor awards.

All participants will receive a special award commemorating their challenge accomplishments.

How far will you ride this summer?

The Michigan Horse Council’s Statewide Trail Ride Challenge is an affiliate group hosted right here on Top Trail.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The event leaderboard will be live April 15 through August 31. The riders with the most eligible ride miles according to Top Trail Challenge Rules (and additional guidelines applicable to this group) at the end of the challenge period will win sponsor awards.
  • Special event Medallions will also be awarded to riders who reach certain milestones during the challenge.
  • The event group is now accepting eligible participants through July 1, however, the leaderboard will not start reflecting posted mileage until April 15.
  • Michigan Horse Council Members are eligible to join the this special event affiliate group by becoming a member of Top Trail ( purchasing either the “Michigan Horse Council” membership level for $26 or Premium level for $35. Both membership levels are good for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Must be a Michigan resident and a member of the Michigan Horse Council to participate
  • Previous saddle winners are ineligible for the saddle prize but may qualify for other prizes


Now through July 1: Eligible participants may join Top Trail at the Michigan Horse Council membership level and automatically be added to the special challenge group. Or join at the Premium level for added benefits. If Premium is chosen you will need to manually join the group here.

March 1 through August 31: Michigan Horse Council’s Statewide Trail Ride Challenge period. All tracks recorded and posted to your account will be reflected on the special leaderboard.

September 10: final day to post recorded tracks ridden on August 31.

September 10-15: results of the challenge are audited and results will be given to Michigan Horse Council personnel.

September TBD: Michigan Horse Council will announce winners and distribute awards.

Michigan Horse Council Mission

Provide individuals and organizations with a central authority that will support, encourage, supplement, and coordinate the efforts of those presently engaged in the constructive conservation, development, and promotion of the horse industry and horse community in the state of Michigan.

Educate and Inform individuals and organizations through all available media, educational programs, and cooperation.

Advocate the conservation and promotion of the horse industry and community.

Who is eligible to participate?

Enrollment Process for Participants:

  1. Join Michigan Horse Council (Individual membership — not as a member of a group or affiliate)
  2. Register & activate your Top Trail account
  3. Become a Top Trail member and select the Michigan Horse Council member level. When this membership level is selected and paid, the new member will automatically be added to the Michigan Horse Council’s Statewide Trail Ride Challenge Affiliate Group. If you wish to select Top Trail Premium, you will then need to manually join the Michigan Horse Council group.

Event Description

This is a special event challenge for the Michigan Horse Council’s eligible members. All GPS recorded ride tracks posted to your Top Trail account from April 15 through August 31 will be included on the challenge leaderboard.

Join the special Facebook group “The Michigan Horse Council’s Statewide Trail Ride Challenge” for announcements, motivation, encouragement, and assistance.

Event Rules 

Top Trail Challenge Rules apply plus:
1. Must be an individual or family member of the Michigan Horse Council (affiliate group members status not eligible).

2. Any trail ride counts for miles whether private or public trails. Outdoor arena riding can be posted, indoor arena riding cannot be posted.

3. Miles ridden between April 15 and August 31 will count towards the Challenge

4. Must join the challenge group no later than July 1. 

5. Must be a resident of Michigan state

6. Previous saddle winners are ineligible for the saddle prize but may qualify for other prizes

At the conclusion of the challenge, all ride tracks posted will be audited. Tracks posted that are disqualified will result in the loss of mileage and may affect the final results.

Helpful Links

About Top Trail
New Top Trail Members Start Here

About Top Trail

Start Here

Add your equines to your account!! (If you’re eligible for and interested in joining one more affiliate groups, please do so within 30 days of the start of your Top Trail membership)

Familiarize yourself with the rules, ins and outs of Top Trail Rider Challenges.

Be sure to regularly check out the “NEWS” section of Top Trail too. Here’s an Index of helpful posts.

If you have additional questions, join the special Facebook Group created specifically for this event or send us an email.

Posting Your Ride Tracks

Rides are recorded with GPS app or handheld device and posted to Top Trail within 3 days of the conclusion of each ride recorded. When a ride (GPX file generated by the GPS app or device) is posted, the mileage is automatically added to the member’s account and reflected on the leaderboard for the virtual ride challenge.

What you use to record your ride tracks is up to you — but — you must be able to export your ride track as a GPX file (.GPX) because it has all the date, time, mileage, and points that Top Trail needs to extract your mileage, maps, etc. for your account and all our fun leaderboards.

Some popular GPS apps are: GAIA GPS, EasyTrails, ViewRanger… there are many options but it is up to you to ensure that #1 you know how to use it, #2 you know how to access & download your GPX file to your computer or your phone, and #3 you know how to post it to your Top Trail account. Click here for a list of resources.

At the conclusion of the virtual challenge, results will be audited and final results will be provided to MHC. Final results, once approved by MHC, may be published on under the “News” portion of the website.


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