It’s good to find your friends here on Top Trail. This comes in especially handy if you’re riding one of their equines or they’re riding one of yours.

For instance, my husband and I have four horses between us. I primarily ride my horses but sometimes, I ride one of his and vice-versa. Because we’re “friends” here on Top Trail, I can select one of his horses on my ride log after posting a ride.

Here’s how to search for members. Under the “My Top Trail” menu, pull down and select “Members.”

This brings you to the member search screen. On the right you can see three different ways to search:
*Last Active
*Newest Registered

or, you can type in the name and search that way as well.

Click on the listing for the member you would like to add as a friend. When you get to their account page, click “Add Friend.”

You can see here that I have sent Margot a friendship request. When she accepts, we will be “Top Trail Friends”


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