Do you, on occasion, or even regularly, log your rides on someone else’s equine? Well, if that equine is enrolled on another Top Trail member’s account, and you are friends with that member, this post is for you.

We have, hopefully, made it easier to assign your friend’s equine to your rides now. Instead of typing in the equine’s “TTH” number, you can now select the equine by name from a list on the “Add Ride” screen (for members who manually import tracks to their account) and the “Ride Details” screen (for those who use EasyTrails GPS app).

When Manually Uploading Tracks

Go to the “Add Ride” screen, tap (on your phone) or click (on your desktop) “OR Use a Friends Horse”

Now select the name of the equine you rode. NOTE: Only equines listed on your Top Trail “Friends” accounts will be shown. Click to SEARCH for your friends

After the equine has been selected, finish the prompts for uploading tracks as usual.


When you use EasyTrails to log your rides, tracks are exported directly from the app to your Top Trail account. Then you must log into your Top Trail account and assign the ridden equine starting on the “Ride Logs” screen.

This is the “Ride Logs” screen. Tap (on your phone) or Click (on your desktop) “Add Horse” which will take you to the “Ride Details” screen to assign your equine:

Now on the “Ride Details” screen, tap or click “OR Use a Friends Horse” since you rode your Top Trail friend’s equine.

Select the correct equine from the list. Only equines enrolled on your Top Trail “Friends” accounts will be listed.

After you have selected the correct equine, tap or click “Save Horse”

Look for the confirmation message on your screen and click “OK”

From your “Ride Logs” you can see your friend’s equine assigned to the ride.


You may have questions about this new process. Please shoot us an email or get in touch on Top Trail’s Facebook Group so we can help!


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