Okay we get it, maybe you’re not super competitive and don’t care about the leaderboards. Or maybe you just want to take a break and just log your rides for awhile. That’s fine! Instructions are below but we ask that you only make this change right at the beginning of each new quarter (January 4-7, April 4-7, July 4-7, or October 4-7).

Go to “My Top Trail” menu and pull down & select “My Top Trail Profile”

From My Top Trail pull down to select “My Top Trail Profile”

Scroll down and click “Edit Profile”

Scroll all the way down the screen to “Exclude my rides from the Leaderboards?”

Select “Exclude My Rides” then click “Save Changes.”

Note: this will only exclude your miles from the Top Trail Challenge Leaderboards. You will still be included in your affiliate group leaderboards.


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