Top Trail is GPS-recorded track-based online riding program for the equestrian and open to all equine breeds. Top Trail started online in 2014.

Effective January 1st we launched this brand new and much improved website. Only full members have access to all features of the program so we offer a 30 day free trial so you can check it out and you may even be inspired to get more trail miles under your belt than you ever imagined!

When you join us, you’ll see just how easy it is to build Lifetime Miles, Annual Miles, and see your name in lights on the monthly and quarterly Top Trail Challenge Leaderboards. Who wouldn’t want to know how they stack up across the U.S. with other riders? It’s always fun to check the leaderboards to see where you and your equine rank throughout the challenge periods! If you ride just enough you could even win some cool stuff!!

The purpose & mission of Top Trail is to build a community of equestrians who are passionate about life on the trail, to celebrate and recognize our trail horses, along with encouraging growth in the horsemanship of all our members. Top Trail recognizes equines and their riders for being on the trail no matter what the purpose: pleasure, conditioning, and competition.

Are you a (Top) Trail Rider?

Have you ever said, thought, or posted with a great sense of accomplishment: “…rode ‘X’ miles today!”? If you have—that’s a good indication that YOU are a Top Trail Rider because you ride with a GPS and you measure your mileage. Top Trail keeps all those rides for you on your account Ride Log, and keeps a running total of miles on the trail for both you and your equines.

Top Trail Ride Logs—
Keeps your trails all in one handy place. Each rider and horse gets their own individual Ride Log.

In a nutshell, Top Trail Riders use their favorite phone app or handheld GPS to track miles as they ride. When they’re finished riding they simply upload the ride file to their account, designate which equine was ridden, and we take it from there.

Top Trail Horse Challenge
Leaderboard is monthly, based on total mileage for the month, has three divisions, awards given

Top Trail Rider Challenge
Leaderboard is quarterly, based on total mileage for the quarter, has three divisions, awards given

Trail Master GPS Rider Challenge
Based on the number of rides logged by the rider for the quarter, has three divisions, awards given

What else do I get?

Well for starters, when you join us for one year you get a cool “Ride and Shine” iron-on patch. At the end of the year we grab those miles you have logged and generate beautiful printed certificates with your Lifetime Mileage (to date) and your annual mileage for the year. If you have reached any milestone of 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and beyond you also get a mileage rocker patch to go with your membership patch.

Top Trail Member Patch—
With every annual membership purchased, both new and renewals, a Top Trail member patch is mailed out to that member.

Top Trail Mileage Certificates & Patches—
At the beginning of the year, each member receives a beautiful printed “Official Mileage” certificate which shows their lifetime mileage and the total mileage from the previous year. So for instance, in January, we will generate and mail certificates to members with their total lifetime miles and annual (2018) at the conclusion of 2018 for the rider and one horse. Mileage patches are earned at 1000 mile increments and are mailed out with the certificates every January.

And if that’s not enough, our members are recognized and rewarded for their mileage with “Milestone Certificates” generated twice each year. Milestone certificates are earned when members reach and/or exceed a milestone (250, 500, 750, 1000, and every 500 miles thereafter). Milestone certificates are delivered to our members via email.

Top Trail Milestones—
We recognize both horse and rider with our program of “Milestone” certificates which are earned on lifetime mileage totals starting at 250 miles, then 500, 750, 1000, and every 500 miles thereafter. These certificates are generated and emailed to our members twice each year.

Affiliate Groups: Double the Fun

Top Trail Affiliate Groups are available for members of MFTHBA with registered Missouri Fox Trotters, MOTDRA, a regional competitive trail riding association, Hags with Nags, Women on the Edge, and our very own team challenge group: Double Trouble. Affiliate groups are available for our members to join up to two affiliate groups. Affiliate groups also have leaderboards and year end awards for their group members. We are actively working toward additional affiliate groups for our members to join. If you would like your breed or equestrian group to become an affiliate, let us know who we should contact and we will get the ball of twine rolling.

Horses can be expensive but this is affordable

We like to say, “all you need is your horse, a trail, and a GPS.” Just about everyone has a smartphone, right? Well, there are plenty of free GPS apps that can be used with Top Trail. We recommend EasyTrails GPS which is available for both iPhone ($3.99) and Android ($2.99) for a one time fee. You can log into your Top Trail account from the app and directly upload your trail with a few touches of the screen. A one year Top Trail membership is only $40. You can ride on your own terms and compete, log, post pictures, participate in forums, connect with your friends, earn milestone certificates and patches, and so much more. I pay $40 for a farrier to come trim my horse one time if that helps put it into perspective. Let’s see what else can you get for $40, hmmm… one month of internet? One tank of gas? Top Trail is a great value if spending time on the trail with your horse is an important part of your life.

There’s so much to this program. It’s a “challenge” to describe it all in one blog post—so, check it out for yourself. We have a great group on Facebook if you want to ask questions and even take advantage of the Mentorship program we offer — what do you have to lose?

Email us for more information about Top Trail today.


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