Time to recognize all the following dedicated members and say “CONGRATULATIONS!” for tracking and logging over 500+ miles on the trail with us so far in 2019. You guys are rockin’ it!

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RiderChallenge Miles
Sandy Lange505.24
Hope White514.99
Kathleen Waymire532.19
Deanne Del Vecchio577.04
April Walk590.96
Sue Decker599.59
NEW MEMBERToni Giardina600.26
NEW MEMBERDavid Giardina602.61
Mary Verzwyvelt660.74
NEW MEMBERJackie Peterson682.87
NEW MEMBERSheila Carroll697.58
NEW MEMBERHannah Clark730.31
D’Anna Miller752.59
Karen Faulkenberry797.25
Deirdre Perot822.14
Connie LeHocky893.8
Lee Fonken912.03
Jody Seyler1238.44
Robin Morris1653.91

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  1. Racking up those miles!!

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