Say you’re going on vacation without your equines. And you just have to explore the area so you rent some horses or go on a guided trail ride. Or, maybe you’re riding a friend’s horse who is not part of the Top Trail community. Well, you can record those tracks and still get mileage credit for yourself! So please go ahead and record the tracks and upload them to your account. We have a horse that we have named “Random” who will take those miles.

Here’s what you can do with the track after it’s recorded:

If you’re using EasyTrails, go ahead and upload the track as usual. Then log in and go to your “Ride Logs” screen. Instead of designating one of your enrolled equines, click on “use a friends horse” and enter the number 956439.

If you’re using the “Add Ride” screen designate our horse, Random, when you get to the “Please Choose Horse” section, “Use a Friend’s Horse” field scroll to select “Random” then be sure to “Save Horse.” This will credit those miles to your account. 

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