1001+ Qualified Miles ridden per year.

RankRider NameMiles
1Laura Peck2330.81
2Lisa Jamison2323.09
3Robin Morris2094.46
4Jerry Brandon Savage2058.41
5Mary Smith1932.15
6Elaine Sherer1928.62
7Alexandria Hopkins1736.29
8Gayle Muench1681.79
9Robin Martensen1656.06
10Tara Smith1526.07
11Anne Pregler1459.47
12Margaret Reynolds1228.06
13Lea Valentine1219.54
14Melissa Dewitt1209.09
15Allen Smith1176.98
16Carol Smith1141.47
17Helen Smith1111.3
18April Walk1077.14
19Tina Buirch1062.75
20Alanna Price1060.19
21Jeanine Wolf1003.96
22Margot Slater972.89*

* Miles are out of range for this Division but Rider opted to rank in Legends Division instead of Competitor Division

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