151-300 Qualified Miles during the year

RankRider NameMiles
1Cheryl Blawusch300.61
2Theresa Dennis298.3
3Joyce Addonizio297.8
4Cindi Coffroth294.34
5Deanne Del Vecchio294.19
6Debby Gerhardt291.51
7Peggy Brown290.6
8Kileen Gaddis289.28
9Jessie Kileen288.22
10Pebbles Rigsby283.79
11Olivia Westby283.45
12Carolyn Attaway278.68
13Jane Parker278.09
14Karen Bosio271.04
15Rebecca Vess270.31
16Patsy Frazier267.78
17Shara Llewellyn262.78
18Robyn Taliaferro262.35
19Gena MIller262.26
20Liz Heitshusen259.3
21Molly Aggar259.29
22Colleen Fisk256.78
23Stacy Thompson254.75
24Rebecca Hubbard252.12
25Patricia Ann251.94
26Robert Thompson247.72
27Mary Licata246.13
28Kimberly Murphy242.91
29Wendi Gann240.53
30Marilyn Marston237.55
31Jennifer Sherman232.85
32Raven Flores224.72
33Judy Degner221.4
34Kim Munday217.48
35Shane Pickens216.63
36Larry Johnson215.93
37Lori Wickes214.05
38Cecilia Hagen211.18
39Chelsea Kiter209.7
40Linda Gentile208.82
41Kimberly Ellis206.92
42Darlene Batson204.88
43Penne Colao203.83
44Julie Hawk203.32
45Debra Strickland200.63
46Missy Lutzkanin199.58
47Jim Hinderman198.89
48Elizabeth Rapaport196.38
49Marillyn Ivan Day192.08
50Leslie Bever189.67
51Sherry L Resecker188.58
52Pam Greer188.09
53Tina Goff186.33
54Linda Shields183.74
55Angela Abeyta183.05
56Connie Preuth181.22
57Patti Potts180.74
58Claire Clevenger180.06
59Vicki LaLonde179.69
60Sam Westby178.45
61Alisha Graves177.21
62Lynda Palmer174.91
63Brandy Green172.75
64Kathryn Grossman172.42
65Patty Lucas172.25
67Cindi Rothrock160.96
68Marissa DiTunno160.35
69Arlene Mohebbi159.98
71Saskia Cole156.73
72Preston Springston155.66
73Donna Hines154.99
74Elizabeth Bigham153.75
75Mary Collins152.72
76Becki Krueger152.63
77Pamela Gebauer152.53
78Debby Smith151.82
79Barbara Taylor151.26

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