Here are the results of the 2021 NATRC’s Top Trail Challenge. This particular affiliate group is no longer available as of January 2022, however, NATRC members can join the new official group for 2022. You MUST be a 2022 member of NATRC to join this new affiliate group and you MUST join or renew with Top Trail at the NATRC + Top Trail Premium or Basic level. Read more here.

We want to congratulate all participants in this 2021 affiliate group. NATRC is an outstanding national organization for trail riding enthusiasts. NATRC has a group on Facebook, join the group here.

This fun challenge was sponsored by Riding Warehouse.

Congratulations to all group members! See the audited results below:

1Hannah Clark1262.72
2Margaret Reynolds1221.67
3Kristen Johansen894.7
4Helen Smith721.44
5Kelli Johnson708.34
6Lael Feist417.89
7Moni Norton381.66
8Tammy Vasa362.02
9Laura Hardesty258.18
10Cathy Cumberworth238.78
11Rosemary Carlson216.26
12Mary Licata191.96
13Mary Fettes164.86
14joyce shively67.29
15Brenda Messick63.74

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