Here are the results from 2020 — just like 2019, competition was fierce! This affiliate group is a year long mileage challenge. So start as soon as you can and watch your miles add up & maybe even win some Hags with Nags loot!

If you are a member of the social group Hags with Nags and a Top Trail member as well, please join the group immediately if you wish to participate in 2021.

Hags with Nags is a private Facebook community of horsewomen. We ride the trails, long and short. We measure our distance and our progress in miles and smiles. Join us and compete with your Haggy Sisters for the End of Year Distance Prizes.

Terri Johnson

Congratulations Hags!! You did fantastic!

RankRider2020 Miles
1Terri Johnson1056.44
2Margie J1000.46
3Judy Simpson949.28
4Deirdre Perot901.04
5Deanne Del Vecchio774.93
6Jill Morrison735.04
7Marsha J668.24
8Annamaria Paul634.77
9Lisa Henson593.92
10Belinda Schuman581.16
11Becki Krueger531.92
12Christina Boucher Reynolds487.33
13Raven Flores437.93
14Kelly A Adams379.05
15Debby Smith366.04
16Stacy Thompson360.09
17Lori M Smith324.77
18Mallory Carpenter318.51
19Tiffany Patchak281.75
20Susan Harris277.03
21Jane Parker270.98
22Jill Shasteen250.39
23Patti Potts200.11
24Angela Abeyta179.46
26pamela reband114.53
27Carol L Horne72.86
28Leesa W48.5
29Candace Hendrickson28.1
30Cindi Patrick6.39
*Results reflect audited tracks.

You MUST be a member of Hags with Nags to join the affiliate group as well as adhere to the Top Trail General Challenge Rules:

  • Uploaded tracks (.GPX files) must be ridden (or horse drawn cart), recorded, and posted to your Top Trail account within 72 hours of the ride. This rule is for all challenges, affiliate groups, and competitions on this website unless noted otherwise so all participants have a good idea where they stand in the rankings as close to real time as possible. Please take care to record and upload only your ridden track — nothing else.
  • Uploaded tracks must be at least one mile in length and ridden or driven (equine/cart). You may now include outdoor arena riding tracks.
  • Equine must be ridden or pulling a cart, not ponied.
  • Only one track per equine/rider. Duplicate tracks are not allowed and will be rejected during the upload process. NOTE: if your track has an error, email the .GPX file to and we will attempt to repair it for you then you will be able to upload the corrected trail to your account manually.

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