Here are the results of the 2020 NATRC’s Top Trail Challenge. We want to congratulate all who are part of this group. NATRC is an outstanding organization for trail riding enthusiasts.

You must be both a member of NATRC and Top Trail to participate in this affiliate group. See below for more information.

NATRC has a group on Facebook, join here.

RankRiderChallenge Miles *
2Sheila Carroll1405.85
3Hannah Clark1372.34
4Rosemary Carlson942.84
5Margaret Reynolds675.68
6Cathy Cumberworth492.07
7Tammy Vasa414.88
8Cheryl Frederick326.87
9Brenda Messick302.14
10Moni Norton253.25
11Mary Fettes230.83
12John Zeliff171.04
13Pamela Gebauer169.14
14Alex Braun130.91
16Lael Feist106.35
17Laura H Hardesty72.08
* Final results reflect audited track mileage.

2020 Sponsor
Messick Performance and Endurance Horses
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and Horses Are Our Lives “Embrace the Journey” for additional information.

2021 Sponsors
Messick Performance and Endurance Horses
The Distance Depot

Who can join this group?
If you are a member of NATRC as well as a Top Trail member, you may join the NATRC affiliate group. You must join the group within 30 days of joining Top Trail or by the end of January for all existing Top Trail members. Click here to join.

About this group
The NATRC member rider with the most miles posted to their Top Trail account in 2021 (training, competition, and pleasure) will be recognized as the winner of this challenge.

NATRC’s affiliate group’s challenge time period begins 1/1/21 and ends 12/31/21 and General Top Trail Challenge Rules apply.

General Challenge Rules:

  • Uploaded tracks (.GPX files) must be ridden (or horse drawn cart), recorded, and posted to your Top Trail account within 72 hours of the ride. This rule is for all challenges, affiliate groups, and competitions on this website unless noted otherwise so all participants have a good idea where they stand in the rankings as close to real time as possible. Please take care to record and upload only your ridden track — nothing else.
  • Uploaded tracks must be at least one mile in length and ridden or driven (equine/cart). You may now include outdoor arena riding tracks.
  • Equine must be ridden or pulling a cart, not ponied.
  • Only one track per equine/rider. Duplicate tracks are not allowed and will be rejected during the upload process. NOTE: if your track has an error, email the .GPX file to and we will attempt to repair it for you then you will be able to upload the corrected trail to your account manually.

The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) is the premier competitive trail riding (CTR) organization in six regions across North America. Since 1961, we’ve helped riders of all ages learn the sport of competitive trail riding. Alongside other equine enthusiasts, you can deepen the relationship with your horse while learning new skills and setting your own competitive goals. There’s no place better to do this than on the open trail. 


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