Top 3 Riders receive Custom hand-stamped aluminum Top Trail tags that can be attached to a keychain, saddle d-ring, necklace, etc.

Congratulations to all Explorer Division members!!

For more information about Top Trail Challenges click here:

Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles *
12Rhiannon Davies442.82
23Margie J377.74
316Cindi Rothrock259.22
414Rosemary Carlson245.87
519Judy Simpson211.95
711Michelle Murphy211.88
826Allen and Carol Smith178.69
928Sheri T.177.8
1033Rebecca Jones138.66
1135Kimberly Ellis129.47
1236Sue N128.79
1338Larry Johnson122.23
1441Sandy Phillips116.99
1543Carole Schuh113.51
1645Doreen Thomasson112.75
1755Annamaria Paul95.29
1856Troy Lynn Norris90.94
1959Robin Martensen85.94
2063Carol Mason84.49
2165Linda Krul81.63
2266Maggie Bradshaw80.16
2367Jakob Benson80
2470Shannon Chastain76.65
2577Samantha Kraker65.68
2681Lynn Stutzman61.43
2791Tammy Vasa54.03
2892Bliss meisner53.33
2993Kristie LaValley53.12
30103Tina Goff41.24
31105Carol L Horne40.94
32113Pam Nylund34.57
33120Dawn E. Hagen28.82
34122Rebbecca Hoover28.1
35123Patricia Ann27.78
36125Eva S25.21
37126Samantha Robertson24.21
39130Crystal molocea23.3
40131Adrienne Willett22.74
41132Robert Willett22.46
42133Michelle Huff22.01
43134Cody Rickman21.83
44144Jordan Kopras16.09
45146Carole Sharp15.59
46149Jodi Myers12.82
47155Lisa Moorhouse9.53
48156Randy Olson8.81
49157Cathy Olson8.78
50159Raven Flores8.03
52173Erin Grogan4.72

*Mileage totals for the quarter have been adjusted as a result of track audits due to 72 hour upload rule, etc.


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