Top 3 Riders receive Custom hand-stamped aluminum Top Trail tags that can be attached to a keychain, saddle d-ring, necklace, etc.

Congratulations to everyone on the board — you’re just getting started!!

For more information about Top Trail Challenges click here:

Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles *
28Jackie Peterson328.08
313Mary Verzwyvelt272.79
423Jill Morrison191.15
524Terri Johnson187.58
627Sandra Sanchez178.01
729Sue Decker170.35
830Karen Faulkenberry161.28
931Valerie Jaques153.6
1034Claire Clevenger134.37
1140Belinda Schuman117.99
1246Deanne Del Vecchio111.85
1347LIsa Henson109.97
1412Christina Boucher Reynolds106.67
1554Kathleen Waymire96
1669April Walk78.33
1773Cathy Cumberworth73.59
1879Mary Fettes64.74
1980D’Anna Miller62.39
2094Lea Valentine52.06
21100Hope White46.07
22102Jim Hinderman41.48
23108Monicka Remboldt38.25
24114Brenda Messick33.83
25145Phil Clark15.9
26176Sandy Lange3.33
*Mileage totals for the quarter have been adjusted as a result of track audits due to 72 hour upload rule, etc.

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