Top 3 Riders receive product awards from sponsor SpecTACKular Tack. Congratulations to all for having fun with this!!

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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
118Calvin Voogt235.41
332Marleen Hession142.23
442Marianne Bailey116.25
544Lori M Smith112.87
660Roseanne Whitesides85.45
761Shara Llewellyn84.97
864Debby Gerhardt82.65
968Sam Gerhardt79.87
1072Angela Abeyta75.45
1174Jessica Harris73.24
1276Jim Sylivant67.98
1378Kelly A Adams65.45
1483Patsy Frazier60.58
1585Susan Harris57.98
1686Jessica Vallery57.84
1789Liz Heitshusen54.6
1899Kim M McColman46.32
19101Mary Licata44.91
20104Stacy Thompson41.14
21106Ann Myers Bosch40.19
22107Sherry L Resecker38.58
23109Tracy Phegley37.49
24117Moni Norton31.18
25118Chelsea Kiter30.24
26121Jennifer Peterson28.36
27124Nicole Hancock27.78
29136Nancy Clark20.67
30137Becki Krueger20.33
31138Jane Parker20
33142Janet Hatch16.6
34143Lauren Horne16.22
35151Karri M Koelling11.47
36158Heather Westby8.61
37160Donna Hines7.68
38161Jennifer Smith7.48
39162Jerry Norris7.39
40168Mallory Carpenter6.17
41174Melissa Paskert4.37
42177Gerry Elias3.23
43178Kristy Moore3.22

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