The Hay Pillow

Top 3 Riders receive product awards from sponsor The Hay Pillow. Congratulations to all!! For more information about Top Trail Challenges click here:

Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
17Sue Maiwald347.43
215Cathie Birmingham259.43
321Michaela S200.3
425Chris Griffin182.73
539Jymme Strander118.41
648Dawn Rowlen108.59
749Jaidyn LaBorde105.91
850Jodi LaBorde-Meyer105.5
951Therese Duval104.87
1052pamela reband104.7
1153Stacy Pratt104.53
1358Denise Cleckler86.62
1462Ron Michel84.9
1571Timothy Marten75.9
1675Cindi Coffroth72.16
1782Wayne Goodman60.66
1884Kristy Mosher60.03
1987Lora Gibson56.2
2088Jodie Blaisure54.83
2190Jen Joines54.25
2295Cheryl Frederick51.52
2396Sue Feenstra51.41
2497Valene Goggins50.83
26110Marilyn Clevenger36.33
27111Donna Goodman35.99
28112Patty Walter35.07
29115Linda Gentile32.76
30116Cecilia Hagen31.72
31119Bronwyn Rininger29.11
32128Julia Edwards-Dake23.69
33135Leslie H21.23
34140Mark James18.57
35141Greg Mullinax18.39
36147Kristen Willett13.38
37148Candace Hendrickson13.05
38150Linda Macomber12.61
40153Ronda Greenwood10.02
41154K’Lee Ollom9.72
42163Diana Buzek7.17
43164Deb Steddom7.11
44167Donna Mae Claybrook6.97
45169Amanda Epperson5.68
47172Kris Dawson4.86
48175Christina Meyer4
49179Amanda Sacco3.06
50180Sam Westby2.82
51181Summer O’Bryan2.81
52182Tom Lowrey2.44
53183Deanna R Belanger2.15

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