The Top 3 Explorer Division Riders receive their sponsor awards from ID MyHorse. Congratulations to all our Explorers — you all know how to GET OUT & RIDE!!

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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
15Heidi Smith516.03
28Kristy Mosher425.82
39Shannon Chastain400.98
424Annetta Tinsman283.51
528Kristie LaValley274.81
733Julie Pershing245.92
835Sheri T.239.98
936Crystal Molocea237.32
1039Carole Sharp233.99
ID My Horse
Sponsored by ID My Horse
Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
1141Pam Nylund221.56
1245Shari Stelzer213.99
1348Michaela S207.12
1449Annamaria Paul203.12
1550Sue N200.29
1651Carole Schuh198.8
1753Stacy Pratt190.69
1854Cindi Rothrock189.95
1960Jenn S179.51
2062Samantha Robertson175.46
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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
2165Jena Peek168.66
2369Jasmine Ireland162.83
2471Troy Lynn Norris158.11
2573Carolyn Attaway154.75
2674Linda Krul151.8
2775Jakob Benson151.39
2880Denise Cleckler146.05
2982Rebecca Jones143.29
3083Sam Gerhardt142.86
3184Cathy Olson140.71
3287Randy Olson135.45
3393Sandy Phillips123.57
3495Tammy Vasa117.98
3596Debby Gerhardt117.82
36102John Zeliff107.72
37105Kimberly Ellis106.02
38107Minda Daniels101.92
39111Tina Goff94.46
40113Calvin Voogt88.95
41115Carol Mason86.92
42124Patricia Ann79.63
43125Raven Flores78.78
44126Marleen Hession78.45
45130Maggie Bradshaw75.73
46133Rose Stepanian67.04
47147Michelle Huff48.97
48150Therese Duval47.94
49155Lynn Stutzman41.27
50158Rebbecca Hoover36.76
51160Dawn Rowlen34.89
52171Laura H Hardesty24.46
53174Larry Johnson19.23
54183Jodi LaBorde-Meyer9.88
55192Adrienne Willett4.96
56197Bree Hite2.82
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