Top 3 Blazer Division Riders receive their award from sponsor partner The Hay Pillow. Congratulations to ALL our Blazer Division Top Trail Riders — you’re the best!

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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
126Marsha J279.84
227Gena MIller275.88
340Heather Westby229.54
437Wayne Goodman223.52
542Margaret Reynolds221.18
647Darlene Batson207.85
757Donna Goodman186.96
877Becki Krueger150.42
978Jennifer Peterson149.28
1079Donna Hines147.61
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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
1191Mallory Carpenter127.15
1297Linda Gentile114.75
13100Kristy Moore112.03
14101Jessica Vallery110.81
15103Patsy Frazier106.43
16104Sherry L Resecker106.06
17106Sue Feenstra104.94
18108Patty Walter99.4
19109Debby Smith96.53
20110Chelsea Kiter94.64
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Division RankOverall RankRiderChallenge Miles
21112Beth Colla89.6
22114Susan Harris88.82
24117Leslie Bever86.54
25118Jane Parker85.94
26119Vicki Smith85.64
27120Tracy Phegley83.98
28121Stacy Thompson81.57
29127Anna K Anglen77.42
30128Moni Norton76.94
31132Robert Thompson68.65
32135Lora Gibson64.73
33137Roseanne Whitesides61.75
34138Jerry Norris57.62
35139Kim M McColman56.39
36140Cheryl Frederick53.19
37141Jennifer Smith52.25
38143Shara Llewellyn50.74
39151Lauren Horne47.46
40154Maureen David42.01
41157Liz Heitshusen36.77
42162Melissa Paskert34.07
43164Jim Sylivant31.87
44166Kelly A Adams30.75
45169Nicole Hancock29.66
46176Karri M Koelling16.47
47181Lori M Smith12.02
48184Valene Goggins9.62
49188Mary Licata8.83
50189Gerry Elias7.92
51190Marianne Bailey6.58
52194M Brewster4.03
53198Jymme Strander2.71
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