Monique Warren of The Hay Pillow

Hello, my fine friends, and fellow Top Trail members! I’m back with another exciting Spotlight on our Sponsors.

Last month I had the pleasure of introducing you to one of our ride tracking program’s greatly appreciated sponsors, Sherry McLean, with SpecTACKular Tack, and today I’ve got an equally informative interview with another equine industry entrepreneur and long-time sponsor of our program, Monique Warren—creator and owner of The Hay Pillow, Inc.

The Hay Pillow

The Hay Pillow carries a full line of Slow Feed Solutions from Hay Pillows PLUS Safety Enhancement and Boredom Buster Products.
Check them out online:

Monique is quite busy and very creative, so grab yourself a quick snack, hit your COVID-friendly couch, and allow me to throw some knowledge at ya about her company, her beloved horse, Lilly, and how The Hay Pillow got its start.

TTH: So, Monique, first and foremost, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to tell our readers a bit more about you, the Hay Pillow slow feeding solution you designed and now manufacture and sell, as well as the other products in your line. I find it interesting to discover where and how our sponsors created their products and how they came to be.

So, in keeping with that, I’d love to learn about the inspiration sparking your creation. As necessity is the mother of invention, what necessity inspired you to invent your unique line of slow feed solutions?

MW: Well, my mare, Lily, is insulin-resistant, and I’m a VERY determined horse enthusiast. After much research, I learned that, in order to keep Lily happy and healthy, I needed to feed her with a slow feeder at ground level. I couldn’t find a slow feeder that was both SAFE and SLOWED down Lily’s consumption rate enough. Not to mention, there were none with the weight and ease of loading I required. These became my key challenges.

Monique and her horse, Ruger, working cows. Never exercise your horse on an empty stomach!

TTH: So, you were faced with some serious challenges there. How did you get around those barriers?

MW: My quest to help Lily resulted in a four year experimental journey of creating a slow feeder that met those needs. During this time, I bought, designed, built, and prototyped a variety of slow feeders and slow feed hay bags for Lily.

Once the Hay Pillow design was complete, it was too good not to share it with others!

Made in the USA

Great quote:

All of our products are designed with the comfort and safety of the horse in mind. AND… It’s Made in the USA!

Monique Warren, Creator and Owner
The Hay Pillow

TTH: Fabulous! The very spirit of the entrepreneur, there! So, when did you open up shop?

MW: I began prototyping in 2008, and we opened for business in 2012.

Hay Pillow variety!

TTH: So, you began with the Hay Pillow, but now you’ve also got a few other horse health and safety related products in your company’s product line. Tell me a bit about those, if you would.

MW: Well, we’ve got Equine Identification ID Tags; so necessary, as a fire, a flood, or any separation between you and your horse can absolutely happen at any moment.

Toys with a purpose!

We’ve also got a couple of horse ball enrichment toys: toys with a purpose, and we’ve got some safe grazing muzzles in our line as well.

TTH: How long have you been a sponsor of Top Trail Horse?

MW: I think it’s been about four years.

Top Trail Horse Leonardo LOVES his Hay Pillow!

(Troy Lynn: I checked my records and Monique has sponsored Top Trail with Hay Pillows since November 2014! We are forever grateful!)

TTH: Alright, last question: What’s your favorite horse movie?

MW: “Snowman,” but my all time favorite movie is “I Can Only Imagine.”

TTH: Cool — you just gave me a couple to watch during lockdown! Thanks!

TTH: Well, Monique, all the members of Top Trail and I cannot thank you enough for allowing us into your world for a bit! It’s important that we thank each and every one of our sponsors for their continued partnership with Top Trail — so please know that we do all appreciate your continued involvement!

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Until next time, my friends, may your face feel the sun shining on it more often than not; let your GPS tracker always be turned on during your ride; and, may all of your horses be healthy as…. well, as HORSES!

Oh, and remember to keep posting those rides and photos, keep caring for your equines like family, and keep setting your phone on airplane mode while riding.

But then…

Get Out and Ride!!!!!

Keep on Trackin’!


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