Learn about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of eating in a natural grazing position & more when you feed your horse from the ground.

Guest Post by Monique Warren, of The Hay Pillow, Inc.

1)  Natural Wear of Teeth & More

A natural grazing position allows the mandible (jaw bone) to come down and forward in the atlantoaxial and temporomandibular joints. This alignment:

  • Enables the mandible to move up and down, side to side, forward and back without any restriction
  • Facilitates natural wear of teeth – along with optimum mastication and reduction of particle size

2)  Less Strain on the Skeletal System & Soft Tissue

A natural grazing position puts less strain on the skeletal system and soft tissue because a horse is designed to eat with the head down.

3)  Relaxed Mental & Emotional State

A horse’s emotional state is reflected in body position and posture. If we require a horse to eat with their head elevated, we are encouraging an alert and tense mental state. 

4)  Better Peripheral Vision

Ground feeders such as the Standard Ground Hay Pillows and Mini Hay Pillows® do not impair the horse’s peripheral vision. If impaired, this can create tension psychologically. Horses are prey animals and depend on sight and sound to detect predators.

5)  Better Respiratory Health

Enables nasal passages to drain effectively thereby minimizing the inhalation of dust and particles. 

6)  Keeps Hay & Dust Out of Eyes

Eliminates the risk of hay and dust falling into your horse’s eyes. 

About the Author:
Monique Warren invented the Hay Pillow® slow feeder and is the owner of Hay Pillow Inc.
​Warren has been an equine guardian for over forty years and slow-feed advocate for over 10 years. She contributes equine nutrition and digestive and hoof health articles to publications such as The Naturally Healthy Horse,  Natural Horse Magazine,  Nicker News, Horse Back Magazine, The Horse’s Hoof, and  Miniature Horse World Magazine. Equine nutrition and horses feet are her passions. She resides in Southern California.


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