Special Deal Effective Immediately!

You know that HTCAA is all about trail riding and camping.

And you may know that Top Trail is all about logging your rides wherever and whenever you hit the trail.

Well here’s some great news: HTCAA and Top Trail have “teamed up” to offer a package deal for all you trail riding enthusiasts out there who love to travel, ride, camp, and log their trails.*

What’s the Deal?

When you become a member of HTCAA (the website) for $25 you will receive a special code to use when signing up for $5 off a one year Top Trail membership. Click here for more information about becoming a member of the HTCAA community website.

Join HTCAA today – Where new trails are discovered, old trails are shared, friends are made & the campfire is always ablaze! Check out and JOIN!

So go ahead, become a Community or Business Member of HTCAA for the next year and get your Top Trail discount code at the time of purchase. Then come back here to sign up for a year of trail logging fun, community, and challenges at a discount.

It’s all about the Journey

When you join Top Trail we get you started right away by mailing out to you your first Top Trail iron on patch. Each year we roll out a fresh new patch. The current patch is “Ride & Shine.” Next year the theme is the very popular “Get Out & Ride.”

Each and every mile you record & log on your account gets you closer and closer to Top Trail Milestones with our super ride program. You will be on your way to collecting Milestone Certificates (starting at 250 miles), and Milestone Rocker Patches (starting at 1000 miles) to add to your main Top Trail Patches.

You can learn more about becoming part of Top Trail here

You probably already know this but in case you haven’t heard, you can also win awesome sponsor awards just for logging your trail rides! There are several ways to win. Read more about Top Trail Challenges here.

We hope you join us! If you need any assistance getting started logging your trails, all you have to do is ask. We offer one-on-one coaching or you can get help from all of us on our very own Facebook group.

*This deal may end at any time without notice.


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