Greenhorn Division is for riders who are brand new Top Trail members. They’re working out the kinks, getting familiar with our challenges, remembering to start and stop their GPS app, posting their ride tracks, and hitting the trail!

Congratulations to all our new members — be proud of the quality time spent with your equine trail partner and friends. Be sure to share your placing with your friends on your social media – the best way to keep Top Trail going.

All Greenhorn Division members move to the next appropriate division after each quarter. More info here.

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Here are the audited Greenhorn Division results:

118Holli Jacobs332.03
277Mary Pisko177.24
3107Paula Johnson139.92
4160Jessica Cooley87.97
5180Bren Crissman74.78
6199Vicki LaLonde57.26
7193Veldee Hall53.2
8237Rianna Deselich41.55
9243Debra Strickland35.88
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Here’s a fun video if you need some more encouragement


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