For those who like to use Equilab, which is, by the way, an aweseme riding app…

If you want to use Equilab with Top Trail you certainly can BUT —

you will have to own the Premium version of Equilab because that will be the only way you can export a recorded track as a GPX file which is what Top Trail requires.

So, Premium Equilab users — go ahead and record your track and then export it to EasyTrails if you have it and post your track to Top Trail from there. This can all happen on your smartphone. No computers required.

BUT if you get an error message your ride track file from Equilab is way too GINORMOUS and you must perform a little hocus pocus to that GPX file before you can post it to Top Trail. This tends to happen on longer rides thereby resulting in larger files. We have already increased Top Trail’s acceptable file size quite a bit but there are those that still require this hocus pocus…

What To Do


Download the GPX file to your computer then upload it to the website: and upload it according to the instructions then download the more lean file to your computer and post that to Top Trail using the Add Ride screen.

Want to thank Hannah Clark for sharing this helpful tool with us. We have recommended it to several Top Trail users who always express delight when they see how easy and slick it is to use.

Hope this helps you too!

Again, here’s the link to the website:


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