This affiliate group is a year long mileage challenge.

If you are a member of the social group Hags with Nags and a Top Trail member as well, please join the group immediately if you wish to participate — start now so you can watch your miles add up & maybe even win some Hags with Nags loot!

Hags with Nags is a private Facebook community of horsewomen. We ride the trails, long and short. We measure our distance and our progress in miles and smiles. Join us and compete with your Haggy Sisters for the End of Year Distance Prizes.

Congratulations ladies & gentleman! See the audited results below:

RankRider NameMiles
1Mary Smith1932.15
2Anne Pregler1459.47
3Michelle Hancock971.98
4Julie Pershing943.86
5pamela reband850.01
6Holli Jacobs811.54
7Marsha Jensen745.4
8Bliss meisner643.2
9Doreen Thomasson602.34
10Rosemary Carlson563.79
11Annetta Tinsman495.38
12Terri Johnson488.62
13Kristie LaValley458.01
14Susan Harris400.29
15Belinda Schuman383.11
16Judy Simpson346.39
17Kelly A Adams338.16
18Doug Weir333.51
19Annamaria Paul328.14
20Lisa Henson323.73
22Renee Evoy302.03
23Joyce Addonizio297.8
24Deanne Del Vecchio294.19
25Jane Parker288.28
26Molly Aggar266.2
27Stacy Thompson254.75
28Raven Flores237.36
29Jennifer Sherman235.08
30Judy Degner221.4
31Angela Abeyta194.74
32Patti Potts180.74
33Brandy Green172.75
34Becki Krueger152.63
35Tracy Phegley149.88
36Brandie Payne114.87
37Shannon Chastain112.94
38Deirdre Perot104.83
39Lori M Smith100.86
40Jenn Stack73.92
41Amy yoste67.25
42Michelle Huff64.94
43Tracy Mitchell49.58
44Jill Shasteen38.61
45Tina Fisher15.68
46Ronda Greenwood8.47
47Christie Jones3.26


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