This fun group is sponsored by White Horse Trading Post and to be eligible for the group, you must own a world famous “Fuzzy Butt” purchased from White Horse Trading Post. This affiliate group is a year long mileage challenge.

If you wish to become part of the Fuzzy Butters and have purchased your very own Fuzzy Butt from White Horse Trading Post, be sure that you join as soon as possible so you can start logging your trail miles for the year.

Way to ride with your Fuzzy Butts and congratulations to all group members!

See the audited results below:

RankRider NameMiles
1Robin Martensen1656.06
2Michelle Hancock971.98
3Julie Pershing943.86
4Sue Maiwald849.51
5Heidi Sawyer724.85
6Lauren Karsen643.47
7Margie J636.91
8Therese Duval622.78
9Doreen Thomasson602.34
10Brandy Miller559.64
11Lindsay Nardi538.95
12Dan Hancock537.63
13Moni Norton509.89
14Carole Sharp488.83
15Heather Westby466.79
16Samantha Robertson441.07
17Maggie Bradshaw427.18
18Kristen Johansen418.81
19Cindy Speet386.24
20Judy Simpson346.39
21Kelly A Adams338.16
22Toni Giardina329.77
23Angella Sherman310.44
24Micca Crampton302.72
25Renee Evoy302.03
26Debby Gerhardt291.51
27Patsy Frazier267.78
28Rebecca Hubbard252.12
29Linda Gentile208.82
30Kimberly Ellis206.92
31Leslie Bever189.67
32Marissa DiTunno160.35
33Mary Williams126.1
34Hope White122.53
35Deirdre Perot104.83
36Jymme Strander104.02
37Lori M Smith100.86
38Troy Norris86.86
39Robbin Watson32.2
40Zakry Daniels11.11
41Christie Jones3.26

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