MFTHBA Top Trail Horse Challenge is Sponsored by MFTHBA
You must be a full Top Trail Member and MFTHBA Member with Registered MFTHBA horse(s) to join this group.

This group provides additional recognition to registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and MFTHBA members participating logging miles. Top Trail maintains a special leaderboard for Missouri Fox Trotting Horses.

Each year, the MFTHBA recognizes the Top 5 miles earners.  This recognition is in addition to the quarterly recognition for riders provided by Top Trail.  The top mileage earner in Top Trail that also participates in the MFTHBA’s Fox Trot America Program is recognized as the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Trail Horse of the Year and receives their name on a permanent plaque in the MFTHBA Hall of Fame.

Romeo’s Dream of Juliet with owner Toni Giardina

Can it get any better?

Here are the results from rides logged on MFTHBA member horses in 2019:

RankHorseChallenge Miles
1Romeo’s Dream of Juliet1162.35
2Eagle’s Rockin’ Granite1088.95
3Peaches and Cream1042.83
4Kate’s 0071030.75
5SonRisa’s Dia De La Boda ( barn name DeeDee)960
6Fox’s Butterscotch Suzie (Topaz)938.69
7Fancy Blue Angel793.1
8Coppers Comet533.81
9Hard Rock Sara515.32
10Danney Joes Dual Command441.97
11CC’s Blaze N Boots “Lena”416.2
12Vision’s Enduring Freedom408.83
14Moon’s Autumn Mist (Misty)331.24
15Sensations Southern Lady295.64
16White Socks Redman276.07
17Cassie RBGR234.31
18CR Shadows Perfect Storm229.93
19CR Shadow Of A Storm (Timber)227.7
20Red Rock’s Scarlet O’Hara220.93
21Sun-Rays Bay-Ray “Artie”209.27
22Bossmans Smokey Joe197.37
23Vision’s Durango194.52
24Stormy’s Golden Honey aka Honey174.62
25Sterling Boy Anne S •Annie•170.43
26Future Gone Black151.8
27Sunrise Mega Bucks146.91
28Me and My Shadow139.33
29Hard Rock Nutmeg131.79
30Kattie’s Midas Touch, aka Midas124
31Shabri’s Surprize Perfection, aka Surprize119.2
32Double Dun Doobie108.66
33Shimmers Ebony Bone D (Mocha)99.18
34Ailie’s Southern Lightning96.38
35Hard Rock Frosty92.02
36Belles Dun It Again68.85
37CC’s Touch of Smoke “Jo”61.93
38Sam’s Prince Charming61.22
39Gin Gin N55.76
40CRs Pride of Dixie43.39
41Hoochie Mama41.48
42Miracle’s Rising Star (Summer)20.07
43Mars Misterio Cosmos14.27
44Pierson Creek Sassafras13.74

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