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At the end of each quarter we adjust TTR Challenge Divisions. Depending on a member’s mileage totals at the end of each quarter a member may be promoted a division, or two…

A Top Trail Rider will also be moved up after they win their division.*

If you’ve been moved up — congratulations — you’re in very good company!

See the table below to see who is being promoted 1Q22 effective 10/6/21.


If you wish to be moved down a division due to lower mileage than you expected during 2021 or if you believe there is an error, please let us know via email.

Rider NameNew DivisionPrevious Division
Marillyn Ivan DayBLAZERPleasure
Angela AbeytaBLAZERPleasure
Micca CramptonBLAZERPleasure
Ken NatzkeBLAZERPleasure
Karen BosioBLAZERPleasure
Patty Black MooreBLAZERPleasure
Kathryn GrossmanBLAZERPleasure
Robbyn SumnerBLAZERPleasure
Wendi GannBLAZERPleasure
Ken Natzke*BLAZERPleasure
Olivia WestbyEXPLORERBlazer
Shelby BallardEXPLORERBlazer
Liz HeitshusenEXPLORERBlazer
Renee LewisEXPLORERBlazer
Lindsay BuckEXPLORERBlazer
Heather PayneEXPLORERBlazer
Elaina Schmersey*EXPLORERBlazer
Moni NortonEXPLORERBlazer
Nicole HancockEXPLORERBlazer
Julie HawkEXPLORERBlazer
Jenn EssEXPLORERBlazer
Elaina SchmerseyEXPLORERBlazer
Cindy SpeetCOMPETITORExplorer
Raven FloresCOMPETITORExplorer
Samantha RobertsonCOMPETITORExplorer
Tammie LewisCOMPETITORExplorer
Dan HancockCOMPETITORExplorer
Calvin VoogtCOMPETITORExplorer
Debby GerhardtCOMPETITORExplorer
Wanda LuskCOMPETITORExplorer
Linda FastabendCOMPETITORExplorer
Minda DanielsCOMPETITORExplorer
Cynthia NatzkeCOMPETITORExplorer
John Zeliff*COMPETITORExplorer
Julia HoytLEGENDSCompetitor
Dom TurnerLEGENDSCompetitor
Jenn StackLEGENDSCompetitor
Tara Smith*LEGENDSCompetitor

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