Time to recognize all our incredible members and say “CONGRATULATIONS!” to those who have tracked and logged 100+ miles on the trail with us so far in 2019

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Jen Joines105.37
NEW MEMBERSusan Jackson105.44
NEW MEMBERKristy Moore106.07
Jen Jacobson108.06
Meg Alston111.07
NEW MEMBERCarol L Horne111.52
NEW MEMBERDonna Hines111.87
Robert Thompson112.16
Samantha Szesciorka113.83
Jakob Benson114.5
Brit Bergez116.52
Marianne Bailey120.35
Shannon Chastain121.14
Ann Myers Bosch122.7
Michelle Hoffman Wrobel124.78
Michelle Huff124.89
Shara Llewellyn126.2
NEW MEMBERMelissa Paskert127.05
NEW MEMBERLeslie127.16
Beth Colla130.13
Nancy Clark130.36
NEW MEMBERSamantha Kraker134.92
Jessica Harris134.94
Kelly A Adams135.28
Stacy Thompson135.4
Mary Bradford138.49
NEW MEMBERVicki Smith139.84
Sherry L Resecker141.71
Chelsea Kiter144.59
NEW MEMBERSandy Phillips149.04
NEW MEMBERMary Licata151.64
Karri M Koelling154.31
Susan Harris154.33
Mallory Carpenter159.33
Jena Peek159.53
Patricia Ann165.25
John Zeliff166.69
Ashley Fairchild167.09
Jennifer Peterson169.02
Tina Goff170.69
NEW MEMBERJennifer Smith172.51
Raven Flores176.81
Lisa Moorhouse177.32
NEW MEMBERPam Nylund187.06
Rebbecca Hoover188.69
Kevin Link191.55
Robin Martensen192.61
Gerry Elias194.01
Crystal molocea196.23
Adrienne Willett197.15
Robert Willett199.73
Kim M McColman202.81
NEW MEMBERLori M Smith208.43
Marleen Hession208.75
Carole Schuh208.96
Troy Lynn Norris214.14
Carol Mason221.07
Janet Hatch222.12
LIsa Henson226.58
Laura McCartney228.55
Carolyn Attaway228.84
Samantha Robertson231.36
Randy Olson234.7
Cathy Olson236.81
Cindi Rothrock248.45
Annamaria Paul251.25
Maggie Bradshaw261.06
Judy Simpson266.27
Sandra Sanchez270.04
NEW MEMBERLynn Stutzman277.22
Dawn E. Hagen277.39
Linda Krul285.48
Cathy Cumberworth294.31
Kimberly Ellis295.11
NEW MEMBERRhiannon Davies296.88
Belinda Schuman297.35
Terri Johnson305.77
Bliss meisner305.8
NEW MEMBERLibie306.67
Monicka Remboldt309
NEW MEMBERCary Simpson310.66
Lea Valentine314.31
NEW MEMBERMary Fettes319.48
Sandy Lange322.97
Valerie Jaques323.1
Jim Hinderman324.59
Melissa Martinez336.13
Linda Shields336.9
Christina Boucher Reynolds349.55
NEW MEMBERLarry Johnson357.55
NEW MEMBERToni Giardina364.11
NEW MEMBERDavid Giardina367.31
NEW MEMBERBrenda Messick377.87
Rebecca Jones384.45
Hope White395.37
Deanne Del Vecchio402.8
Jill Morrison421
April Walk433.82
Kathleen Waymire451.21
Sue Decker505.99
Connie LeHocky537.17
NEW MEMBERSheila Carroll551.22
Mary Verzwyvelt560.99
D’Anna Miller577.45
NEW MEMBERJackie Peterson595.17
Karen Faulkenberry599.62
NEW MEMBERHannah Clark626.77
Deirdre Perot710.2
Lee Fonken808.1
Jody Seyler943.99
Robin Morris1377.43

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