Custom Handstamped Mileage Tag

Many of us have experienced some challenges so far this year — keeping us from riding as much as we had planned. That’s life for ya… but we are blessed to have these incredible animals who are there for us when the time is right and all the stars align — partnering with us out there on the trail. Not to mention there’s still plenty of 2020 remaining and miles of trails to explore.

Thought it would be fun to have a little drawing for everyone who reaches 100 miles by June 30, 2020. Scroll down to see the list of everyone to date who has logged 100 miles so far this year. (To watch the list as it updates click here)

At the end of the month of June we will re-visit our 2020 Rider Leaderboard and see who else has made it to 100 this year and we will draw from all those rider names. The name drawn will have get this custom hand-stamped copper tag with NiteIze clip for attaching to a Dee on your saddle.

To be eligible for this drawing you must be a current Premium or Basic level Top Trail member with 100 miles logged by June 30, 2020.

Ride On Top Trail Riders! Keep track of your 2020 mileage here.

101.08Shara Llewellyn
101.17Raven Flores
102.62Brenda Messick
104.17Susan Harris
104.74Cathy Olson
105.15Randy Olson
106.03Pam Nylund
106.47Carole Sharp
106.91Angela Abeyta
107.59Gena MIller
109.66pamela reband
109.68Shannon Chastain
110.54Tammy Vasa
111.94Linda Gentile
112.67Hope White
122.56Lora Gibson
128.21Sue Feenstra
129.54Cheryl Frederick
134.64Wayne Goodman
137.44Cathy Cumberworth
139.34agirlnamedtravis b
140.38Linda Krul
141.61Tiffany Patchak
145.09Annetta Tinsman
148.18Samantha Kraker
148.74Mary Fettes
149.1Kristie LaValley
155.76Debby Gerhardt
155.92Lori M Smith
156.47Marianne Bailey
160.64Kathleen Waymire
161.07Kelly A Adams
161.53Denise Cleckler
163.15Annamaria Paul
163.55Belinda Schuman
163.66Troy Lynn Norris
166.31Kristy Mosher
167.08Jordan Kopras
170.1Jakob Benson
173.07Rebecca Jones
174.71Roseanne Whitesides
178.16Sam Gerhardt
178.64Valerie Jaques
180.32Claire Clevenger
181.17Patsy Frazier
181.77Valene Goggins
185.93LIsa Henson
186.02Sue N
192.48Therese Duval
194.39Carol Mason
198.72Mark James
199.6Jymme Strander
205.11Heidi Smith
205.49Carole Schuh
213.92Kimberly Ellis
217.25Sue Decker
219.1Jodi Myers
220.58Lea Valentine
222.94Larry Johnson
226.67Stacy Pratt
234.69Dawn Rowlen
237.6Deanne Del Vecchio
240.17Sandy Phillips
257.63April Walk
259.59Calvin Voogt
268.68Marleen Hession
277.45Sandra Sanchez
280.07Sheila Carroll
280.48Karen Faulkenberry
281.07Jaidyn LaBorde
295.17Jodi LaBorde-Meyer
297.02Jill Morrison
320.17Cindi Rothrock
324.92Sheri T.
327.55Julie Pershing
331.22Michaela S
333.81Doreen Thomasson
343.79Christina Boucher Reynolds
347.48Robin Martensen
351.87Terri Johnson
357.59Jackie Peterson
360.23Ron Michel
364.94Michelle Murphy
376.49Judy Simpson
409.22Hannah Clark
411.04Mary Verzwyvelt
428.02Sue Maiwald
428.91Allen and Carol Smith
434.98Rosemary Carlson
442.2Deirdre Perot
442.82Rhiannon Davies
451.69Cathie Birmingham
466.37Toni Giardina
472.15David Giardina
529.64Margie J
877.58Robin Morris

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