Earlier this year we asked the trail riders in Michigan this question: “How far will you ride this summer?”

This new event format for Top Trail invited members of the Michigan Horse Council and Top Trail to join this special event affiliate group for four fun months of virtual riding competition.

Participants posted mileage from May 1st through August 31 and then the results were audited.

The big win goes to Lorraine Gee — who packed in over 800 miles with her trail pal Freddie in four short months. Have you seen Lorraine’s riding videos? If we all had a cool horse like Freddie we’d ride more too! But seriously, all our horses are amazing and we love them just the same.

Congratulations to ALL who participated in this fun event!

The final results are as follows:

We want to thank the following sponsors for providing a little extra “encouragement” to the mix:

  • Circle Y
  • Tom’s Western Store
  • others TBD

Awards will be distributed later this month. For more information get in touch with Michigan Horse Council or go to the website.


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