Attributes of a TRLBLZR:

  • curiosity
  • hope
  • passion
  • courage
  • independence
  • self-confidence
  • perseverance

Sound like U?

We’d love for all you TRLBLZRS to join us in Journey’s latest and greatest virtual challenge yet: TRLBLZR 150.

Click here if you’re asking… “What is a Journey?”

Who can join?
Anyone. Yes, anyone. Rider, non-rider… if you want some extra motivation to get out there and stay fit, get more fit, start getting fit, or just love being outside & moving through the world however you choose (non-motorized, of course) this is for you.

What’s the goal?
The goal is 150 miles. Those miles can be ridden, walked, hiked, biked, kayaked, roller-skated, you can even track your swimming distance (we recommend you use Strava as you can connect your app to Journeys). See below for more detailed information.

What’s the cost?
$35. But, if you’re a Top Trail Premium or Basic member, it’s $30. And remember, we give a portion of each entry fee to our giving partner, Back Country Horsemen of America. The portion amount depends on how many entries — so the more participants in the challenge — the more we give to BCHA.

Will I get a cool award tag?
Yes. You will get your award tag regardless of whether you complete the challenge or not. You should receive your award tag in the second half of the challenge period. If you’re still working on your goal when you get your award tag — that’s a good time to wear it — for extra motivation!!

Event Details

Start Date: September 1, 2021
End Date: December 31, 2021
Goal: 150 miles 
Entry Deadline: November 1, 2021

How to Sign Up

1Register here if you have not already registered on the Journeys website  — if you’re already Registered, skip to with step 2.
2Connect your Top Trail Horse account here (you must be logged into Journeys to do this) — if you’re already Registered and Connected, skip to step 3.
3. Select “TRBLZR” challenge (Join button).
4. Starting September 1st start posting your GPS recorded activity miles (see below for more information).

What type of activities are eligible?

Riding (use your Top Trail Horse ride tracks — see more below)

Walking, hiking, biking, skating, swimming, kayaking, jogging, you get the idea …

All eligible activities must be posted to your Journeys account (My Journey page) within the event dates posted or they will not count. It’s best to add your activity shortly after it’s completed.

Record your activities with any GPS however, we recommend Strava &/or Fitbit for any non-riding activity. We recommend your Top Trail Horse account for riding activities but you can use Strava for riding as well. 

Connecting your “Apps”

This is easy.

After you have registered on the website, simply head over to the “Connect” page and click the icon of the app you wish to connect. You can connect your Top Trail Horse account (we’re calling it an app here), Strava app, and FitBit. Just click the icon(s) you wish to connect and follow the prompts.

How to Add your recorded activities using connected “apps” —

Riding activities using your Top Trail Horse account:

  1. Record, Save & post your track as usual for Top Trail Horse. 
  2. Log into Journeys
  3. Go to “My Journey” 
  4. Click “Add Activity” 
  5. Select “Top Trail Horse”
  6. Click “Import” on the ride activity

Non-riding or Riding activities using Strava:

  1. Record & Save your activity track on the Strava app
  2. Log into Journeys
  3. Go to “My Journey” 
  4. Click “Add Activity” 
  5. Select “Strava”
  6. Click “Import” on the activity

Non-riding activities using FitBit:

  1. Start the “Exercise” > walk (or hike) function on the tracker, then stop when complete
  2. Log into Journeys
  3. Go to “My Journey” 
  4. Click “Add Activity” 
  5. Select “FitBit
  6. Click “Import” on the activity

Any activity using the manual option:

  1. Log into Journeys
  2. Go to “My Journey”
  3. Click “Add Activity”
  4. Scroll down to “Upload Activity”
  5. Type the activity information into the form (selecting “Enter Activity Manually” in the “Platform” section
  6. Click or tap “Upload”

Editing Posted Activities

On your “My Journeys” page if you scroll down to your chronological list of activities, note the “Edit” button. You can change the name of an activity, designate the type of activity, add a photo, etc. 

Questions? Send me an email.


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