have rides posted to your Top Trail Horse account since May 1st?
want to combine your riding miles with your other activity miles to earn an award?
want to help us contribute as a group to Back Country Horsemen of America’s trail fund?
want to be included in a drawing to win one of 6 SA Company Face Shields? Drawing will be held on the Top Trail Journeys Facebook Group Wednesday, June 16 at 6 pm central from all Sky Blue Sky participants.

If your answer is yes to any one of those questions ^ up there ^ then sign up for Top Trail Journeys Sky Blue Sky 150 today or tomorrow because the event closes end of day June 15, 2021.

Ready to go? Sign up here:

Here are some helpful links after you’ve registered:

Top Trail MEMBERS only — be sure to “Connect” your Top Trail (Horse) account to your Journey’s account on the “Connect” page AFTER you register and BEFORE you enroll in Sky Blue Sky.

ENROLL in the Sky Blue Sky 150 Challenge!

Join Top Trail Journeys Facebook Group

Read the FAQs for Top Trail Journeys

p.s. Even if you don’t reach 150 miles by the end of July, you still receive your Sky Blue Sky award but you do have to enroll in the challenge no later than June 15.


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