What GPS device should I use to record my trails?

For the purpose of recording your trails for Top Trail, you ​are free to use any GPS device designed for outdoor/​recreational use or a GPS app installed on your smartphone. There are many devices and apps to choose from at different price points and with a variety of features. Likewise, some apps free, others are not but they are relatively inexpensive.

When choosing a GPS, the critical feature/requirement it needs to work with Top Trail is the option to export your recorded trail (track) from the app or device in .GPX file format. Top Trail requires .GPX file to render your trail map and calculate your mileage.  

For those of you who like the convenience of the Smartphone App, we do recommend EasyTrails. It’s available for both iPhone and Android and you can upload your ride directly to your Top Trail account saving you time.

How are Top Trail Challenge Divisions Determined?

Upon enrollment in the new and improved Top Trail, new members are responsible for determining their division (see below). If you are transferring your Top Trail membership from the Open Trail website you will select the appropriate division based on your last year’s Top Trail mileage. If you are brand new to Top Trail, estimate based on what you know about your riding history to determine the appropriate division. Adjustments will be made manually by Top Trail personnel if any riders have exceeded the mileage parameters for the current division—they will be moved up. A member may be moved up a Division at the beginning of a quarter based on your year to date mileage only. You may be moved down or up in Divisions at one year intervals.

Division classifications are based on # of annual miles (resets, restarts every year):

  • Pleasure: 1-250 Miles per calendar year
  • Adventurer: 250-500 Miles per calendar year
  • Explorer: 500-1000 Miles per calendar year
  • Legends: 1000+ Miles per calendar year

Are there divisions for both Top Trail Rider or Top Trail Horse, or both?

Yes. Your horses will be in the same division you are in regardless of their annual mileage.

How do I delete a trail?

From your Ride Log, there is a “trash” icon that will delete the trail and deduct the mileage of that trail from your account.

What does “not valid for the Top Trail Challenge” mean?

If you get this message this means that Top Trail was unable to verify one of the following:

  • Trail location: Our Geo Service was unable to find where the trail was ridden.
  • Ride Date: Your GPS device/app does not add date time to the GPX record or the trail was uploaded after the 72 hour limit for Challenges.

I rode my friend’s horse today. How do I make sure that the trail mileage is attributed to both me and the horse?

  • You must be friends with the user on the new site.
  • You need your friend’s horse’s TTH ID in order to add them. It is best that you send the owner a message to ask for
  • You can find your horse’s TTH ID on the “My Horses” page.
  • When you use this feature, your miles will contribute to the owner’s horse’s Lifetime and challenge miles.
  • Deleting a trail-ride with a friends horse will also deduct miles from the owner’s horses’s lifetime and challenge miles.